Taming The Beast(54)

By: Amy J. Fetzer

"I love you," he whispered, then kissed her deeply, slowly. "Thank you." He slipped a ring on her right hand, a row of their son's birthstone, another right alongside it with blue gems.

"What's the second one for?" she asked.

"It's Kelly's."

Tears blossomed in her eyes, and she kissed him, whispering her love and knowing she couldn't be happier. Her dreams had come true and the proof lay all around her.

Richard snuggled his family in his arms, his life a far cry from those dark nights pacing the hallways, alone. He'd been a bitter, desolate man locked in a dreary tower, and Laura had walked through his doors, stirring his soul and forcing him to come live in her world and see all the gifts it offered. Looking down at his family, he knew how abundant love could be, and he cherished the day she'd stepped into his cage and awakened him. In loving her, he was free, the beast rescued by the beauty and rewarded with her heart.

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