Single Man Meets Single Mom(59)

By: Jules Bennett

“If you ever try to be noble again, I’ll go to the press with horrid lies.” Cassie smiled up at him. “I know why you left—I even admire your decision on some level—but being without you for weeks was a nightmare. I never want to be without you again.”

Ian slid his lips over hers. “What about your family? What about the school?”

Reaching up to pat his cheek, Cassie smiled. “Emily and I are staying here for a while. As for the school, I’d really like to open it on the estate, but I’ll move it to California if you’re needed here.”

Ian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was willing to part with her life, live across the country from her family, her rock, all because of him.

“I’d never ask you to leave your family,” he told her. “I actually want to be near them. What do you say we keep this home for our getaways and vacations? We can live on the estate or build nearby. The choice is totally up to you, but I want you to have the school at Stony Ridge.”

Cassie’s smile widened, those sparkling blue eyes glistening. “Sounds like a plan. Of course, we’re missing something, you know.”

Curious, Ian drew back slightly. “What’s that?”

“Well, I’ve worn my ring since you left.” She held up her left ring finger and the sight had his heart jumping. “I assumed that this ring had a question that went along with it. I mean, I’m assuming the man I’ve fallen in love with plans on carrying out his intentions.”

Ian looked to Emily. “What do you think, sweetheart? Should I ask your mommy to marry me?”

Emily clapped her hands and grinned. “Mom-mom-mom.”

Laughing, Ian glanced back to Cassie. So many emotions swam in her eyes. So much hope and love, and it was all for him.

“How did I get to be so lucky?” he murmured.

Shrugging, Cassie said, “I’d say fate has been pushing us together since the moment I fell into your arms.”

Pulling her tighter against him, he held the two most precious ladies. “This right here, in my arms, is my world. Nothing will come between us again. Not an ex, not my tendency to be noble, nothing. You’re mine, Cassie.”

Easing back to look down into her eyes, Ian saw his entire future looking back at him. “Tell me you’ll marry me. Tell me you’ll let me be Em’s dad. That you’ll even teach me all about horses. I want to be part of everything in your life.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she told him, wiping a lone tear that had slid down her cheek. “Besides, I still owe you that horseback ride you’ve never been on.”

Ian laughed. “How about we lay Emily down for a nap and we’ll discuss other plans for our family?”

The gleam in her eye told him she hadn’t missed his hidden meaning. “Our family. Those are two of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard.”

He kissed her once again. “Then let’s get started on building it.”