Single Man Meets Single Mom(2)

By: Jules Bennett

“So you’re the trainer and your sister is the famous jockey?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

The warm late-spring sun beat against his back as it came through the wide doors of the stable. Summer blockbuster season was just around the corner and, hopefully, once the film wrapped and he’d signed Lily, his agency would still be on top. His ex-partner-turned-rival would no longer be an issue.

He’d started working for an agency right out of college, thanks to a referral from a professor he’d impressed, but some lucky breaks and smart business sense had had him quickly moving to open his own. Unfortunately, he’d taken on a partner who had stabbed him in the back and secretly wooed most of their clients in the hopes they’d work exclusively with him in a new venture.

For the sake of his pride, he had to win Lily over and get her under contract. But how could his mind be on business with this voluptuous distraction before him?

“You’ve done your homework,” she commented. “I’m impressed you know about me and my sister and our different roles.”

“I do my research. You could say I’m pretty hands-on as an agent.”

“Apparently you’re hands-on with everything.”

Oh, that was such a loaded statement—one he wouldn’t mind exploring if he had the time. His eyes held hers as he closed the gap between them. The pulse at the base of her throat quickened and her breath caught as she stared, unblinking, at him.

Damn work responsibilities. But surely a little flirting, hell, even a fling, would make this an even more riveting trip.

“Everything,” he whispered. “Let me know if you ever want an experience.”

When her gaze dropped to his mouth again, Ian resisted the urge to grab her, to taste her. There would be plenty of time for...anything she was willing to give. Besides, wasn’t the chase half the fun?

“I think you know where my trailer is.”

And because he’d probably crossed some sort of moral, ethical boundary, Ian turned and walked from the barn, leaving her with her mouth open.

Well, this was already the most exciting movie set he’d ever visited and he hadn’t even seen his client yet.

* * *

Cassie tightened her grip on MacDuff’s lead line. He was still new, still skittish, but she was working with him every single day and he was showing improvement. Every now and then he’d let her father, Damon Barrington, ride him, but he had a touch that every horse seemed to love.

At least MacDuff had quit trying to run from her. Now, if she could just get him to understand her silent commands that he had to mimic her pace and direction when they walked.

Her work with MacDuff and the other horses was just one of the many issues that had ended her marriage. Derek had wanted her to stop spending so much time with the “strays” she brought in. He’d insisted she stop trying to save every animal, especially when she’d become pregnant.

Cassie would never stop trying to save animals...especially since she hadn’t been able to save her marriage. Her husband had obviously loved women and liquor more than her and their baby. His loss, but the pain still cut deep.

She focused on the line, holding it tight and trying to keep up with the routine because she was running a tad behind now.

Of course, she’d been thrown off her game already this morning after falling into the arms of that handsome, bedroom-eyed stranger. For a split second she’d wanted to revel in the strength with which he held her, but then reality had slapped her in the face, reminding her that she’d fallen for a smooth talker once. Married him, had his child and hadn’t seen him since.

Well, except when he’d shown up for the divorce proceedings, mistress in tow. As if that busty bleach blonde would ever play stepmom to Cassie’s precious baby. Hell. No.

Cassie swore she’d never let another man play her for a fool again, and she sure as hell wouldn’t get swept away by another pretty smile and sultry touch.

Unfortunately, when she’d fallen into Ian’s arms, she’d forgotten all about that speech she’d given herself when her husband had left. How could she have a coherent thought when such strong arms were holding her flush against a taut body? No woman would blame her for the lapse in judgment.

But no more. Cassie had her daughter to consider now.

With sweet Emily just turning one, Cassie knew she’d definitely gotten the best part of her marriage, and if Derek didn’t want to see their baby, he was the one missing out.

So, no more sexy men who thought they were God’s magnificent gift to this world. Although Cassie had to admit, even if just to herself, that her insides had tingled at Ian’s touch. He’d been so strong, had smelled so...manly and had looked in her eyes as if she truly was a beautiful, desirable woman.