Single Man Meets Single Mom(10)

By: Jules Bennett

Earlier tonight she’d flirted with the idea of a fling, but now the reality of being trapped with Ian made her heart flutter and nerves dance in her belly.

Her gaze met his. Crackling tension vibrated between them in the soft glow and the silence.

And Cassie had all night to decide what to do with all her attraction and the hungry look in Ian’s eyes...

* * *

Ian stared down at Cassie, struck by those creamy exposed shoulders, that poured-on, vintage-style wedding gown molded to her sweet curves. From his vantage point, he could see even more of her very exposed breasts and most impressive cleavage—even though she was trying her hardest to keep gravity from taking over the top of that dress.

Mercy. Being straight in front of her had been torture, but this angle offered a much more interesting, gut-clenching view. Not that he was complaining.

Being stuck in an attic with Cassie would be no hardship because he’d caught a glimpse of the passion she held beneath her vulnerability. And there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that her war with herself stemmed from some past hurt.

Cassie attempted to cross her arms over her breasts, which only tortured him further, because she failed to cover the goods and actually ended up offering him an even more enticing view. Was she doing this as punishment?

“Text Max and have him come to the main house and ring the doorbell. Dad won’t be in bed yet.”

Ian shook his head. “Sorry. I only came over to apologize to you, so I left my phone in my trailer to charge.”

Groaning, Cassie tipped her head back against the door and closed her eyes. “This isn’t happening to me,” she muttered. “This cannot be happening.”

Ian had to smile. Of all the scenarios he’d envisioned on his short walk from his trailer to the main house, he hadn’t once thought of being stuck for hours with someone so sexy, so unexpected, and wearing a wedding dress to boot.

This couldn’t have been scripted any worse...or better, depending on the point of view.

Cassie lifted the dress and stomped back up the steps, her shoulder slamming into him as she stormed by.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, Ian. Nothing about this is comical.”

“Can’t you call someone with your phone?” he asked, turning to face her.

Cassie propped her hands on her hips. “No. I came up here to be alone, to think.”

Damn, she was even sexier when she was angry. But getting too wrapped up with Cassie Barrington was a dangerous move. She wasn’t a fling type of girl and he’d pushed too hard in the stables. Had she given in to his blatant advances, he knew she would’ve regretted it later.

He needed to do the right thing and keep his hands off her. He was here for two main purposes: keep Max happy and sign Lily so she didn’t go to his rival. Period.

But his hormones didn’t get the memo, because the more he was around Cassie, the more alluring and sexy she became. Of course, now that he’d seen a sample, he had to admit, he wanted to see more. That dress... Yeah, she looked like a 1950s pinup. Sexy as hell, with all the right curves and none of that stick-thin, anorexic nonsense, and she was even hotter with a slight flush from anger.

For the past two days he’d seen her working with her sister, training the horses and driving him unbelievably mad with the way her lush body filled out a pair of jeans. He’d seriously had to get his damn hormones in check and then approach her with a much-needed apology for his Neanderthal tendencies.

But now that he was here, those hormones were front and center once again, overriding all common sense and rational thoughts.

“How did you know I was up here?” she asked. “I figured all the crew was either in their trailers or back at the hotel.”

“I ran into Grant on my way to your cottage. He told me you were here. As I was coming in the back door, your cook, Linda, was going out for the night and she said you mentioned coming to the attic.”

“You came all this way just to apologize? I’m sure you would’ve seen me tomorrow.”

Ian shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets. “True, but I knew too many people would be around tomorrow. I assumed you wouldn’t want to discuss this in front of an audience. Besides, I think we need to address this spark between us and figure out what to do with it since I’ll be here several weeks.”

Cassie threw her hands in the air. “Could you at least turn around so I can put my clothes back on?”

His eyes traveled down her body, darting to the pile of clothes behind her, zeroing in on the leopard-print bra lying on top.

“Sure,” he said, trying to get the visual of her in that leopard bra out of his mind before he went insane.