Mr. Insatiable

By: Serenity Woods

Chapter One

“Okay, what’s up? You look like somebody died.”

Lost in thought, Enya O’Donnell jumped as the deep male voice sounded in her ear.

“Luckily, no one has,” she said, “or you’d be feeling about two inches high right now.”

Kit Fawkes leaned on the balcony beside her. “I’ve asked everyone in the hall if they know why the chief bridesmaid has a raincloud over her head. If someone had kicked the bucket, I’d definitely know by now. But nobody knows, which means whatever’s bothering you is something you’re trying to keep secret.”

He surveyed her, his dark blue eyes interested. “I thought we didn’t have secrets, my little Celt.” His gaze strayed to the mop of red curls the hairdresser had piled on the top of her head. Enya was pleased with the style, even though rebellious strands already tumbled around her face.

Below, the wedding guests spilled across the hotel foyer like beads from a broken necklace. The breeze from the open doorway was cool, and she pulled her faux-fur wrap closer around her arms.

Fancy getting married on a cold, wet New Zealand day in July, the height of winter. But Lisette had been determined to hook Tristan as soon as possible after he proposed, as if worried he might change his mind if she left it too long. Which was ridiculous of course, because Enya’s brother adored Lisette, and he’d been happy to be bullied down the aisle in double-quick time.

The guests removed their coats while they waited to greet the bride and groom at the doorway. The women’s colored dresses glowed against the dark suits of the men, brightening up the gloomy afternoon. “You promised you’d stop calling me ‘Celt’ when I turned twenty-one,” she said absently to Kit, who was waiting for her to answer, patient as ever.

“I lied. You’ll still be my little Celt when you’re ninety and I’m ninety-six, and I’m sitting next to you in the retirement home with no teeth, beating you at Scrabble. But you can carry on calling me Kit Kat in return, how’s that?”

She laughed then, and he smiled and put his arm around her. “That’s better. You looked so sad, honey. Can’t you tell me what’s up?”

Enya rested her head on his shoulder for a moment, comforted by his warmth and strength. She’d known him for what seemed like forever, and it was true—they didn’t have any secrets from each other. Well, hardly any. But although usually she would have confided in him, today she was determined to keep her news to herself.

“Is it because Tristan’s getting married?” He kissed the top of her head. “You are allowed to be sad when your brother gets hitched, you know. Or jealous. Are you jealous? You haven’t put poison in Lisette’s soup, have you?”

“Kit! Jeez. Come on. You know I’m thrilled they’ve finally tied the knot. She’s my best friend. I couldn’t ask for more than to have her as my sister-in-law as well.”

“So what is it then?” He slid an index finger under her chin and lifted it so she met his gaze. “Don’t make me resort to torture. But I will if I have to. I’m sure the hotel caretaker has a pair of pliers somewhere.”

Enya said nothing for a moment. He looked so handsome in his black jacket and white shirt. The bow tie emphasized the wing-tipped collar, and she loved his embroidered vest. He smelled good too, some classy aftershave with subtle sandalwood tones. But then Kit always smelled good.

“You look very James Bond,” she said. “Apart from your hair. It’s sticking up again.”

He ran a hand through the short, dark strands. “I used some hair product Sasha bought for me, but it won’t behave.”

“I thought Sasha would have given up on it by now.”

“Sasha would never give up on me. She adores me.”

“She hates your guts. She has a voodoo doll of you in her cupboard that she sticks pins in. I’ve seen it.”

Kit grinned, and she smiled back. He’d never believe her. His little sister adored him and thought the sun shone out of his butt. Mind you, everyone thought the sun shone out of Kit’s butt. He captivated men and women alike, old and young, with his warmth and generosity, his wit and his sexy charm. Enya adored him too. Although she refused to tell him because she’d never hear the end of it.