Maid for a Magnate

By: Jules Bennett


Will Rowling stared at the blaring headline as he sipped his coffee and thanked every star in the sky that he’d dodged marrying into the royal family of Alma. Between the Montoro siblings and their cousin Juan Carlos, that was one seriously messed up group.

Of course his brother, James, had wedded the beautiful Bella Montoro. Will’s father may have had hopes of Will and Bella joining forces, but those devious plans obviously had fallen through when James fell in love with Bella instead.

Love. Such a fickle thing that botched up nearly every best laid plan. Not that Will had ever been on board with the idea of marrying Bella. He’d rather remain single than marry just to advance his family’s business interests.

The Montoros were a force to be reckoned with in Alma, now that the powerful royal family was being restored to the throne after more than seventy years in exile. And Patrick Rowling was all too eager to have his son marry into such prestige, but thankfully that son was not to be Will.

Bella’s brother had been heading toward the throne, until shocking letters were discovered in an abandoned family farmhouse, calling into question the lineage of the Montoros and diverting the crown into the hands of their cousin.

Secrets, scandal, lies... Will was more than happy to turn the reins over to his twin.

And since Will was officially single, he could carry out his own devious plan in great detail—his plot didn’t involve love but a whole lot of seduction.

First, though, he had to get through this meeting with his father. Fortunately, Will’s main goal of taking back control of his life involved one very intriguing employee of his father’s household so having this little meeting at the Rowling home in Playa del Onda instead of the Rowling Energy offices was perfectly fine with him. Now that James had married and moved out and Patrick was backing away from working as much, Patrick used his weekend home more often.

“Rather shocking news, isn’t it?”

Still clutching the paper in one hand and the coffee mug in the other, Will turned to see his father breeze into the den. While Patrick leaned more toward the heavier side, Will prided himself on keeping fit. It was just another way he and his father were different though some around them felt Will was a chip off the old block. At one time Will would’ve agreed with those people, but he was more than ready to show everyone, including his father, he was his own man and he was taking charge.

“This bombshell will certainly shake things up for Alma.” Will tossed the newspaper onto the glossy mahogany desktop. “Think parliament will ratify his coronation?”

Patrick grunted as he sank into his leather desk chair. “It’s just a different branch of the Montoro family that will be taking the throne, so it really doesn’t matter.”

Will clutched his coffee cup and shook his head. Anything to do with the Montoros was not his problem. He had his own battles to face, starting with his father right now.

“What did you need to see me so early about?” his father asked, leaning back so far in the chair it squeaked.

Will remained standing; he needed to keep the upper hand here, needed to stay in control. Even though he was going up against his father’s wishes, Will had to take back control of his own life. Enough with worrying about what his father would say or do if Will made the wrong move.

James had never bowed to their father’s wishes and Will always wondered why his twin was so against the grain. It may have taken a few years to come around, but Will was more than ready to prove himself as a formidable businessman.

Will was a master at multitasking and getting what he wanted. And since he’d kissed Cat a few weeks ago, he’d thought of little else. He wanted her...and he would have her. Their intense encounter would allow for nothing less.

But for right this moment, Will was focusing on his new role with Rowling Energy and this meeting with his father. Conquering one milestone at a time.

“Up till now, you’ve had me dealing with the company’s oil interests,” Will stated. “I’m ready to take total control of the real estate division, too.”

His father’s chest puffed out as he took in a deep breath. “I’ve been waiting for you to come to me with this,” Patrick said with a smile. “You’re the obvious choice to take over. You’ve done a remarkable job increasing the oil profits. They’re up twelve percent since you put your mark on the company.”

Will intended to produce financial gains for all of the company’s divisions. For years, he’d wanted to get out from under his father’s thumb and take control, and now was his chance. And that was just the beginning of his plans where Rowling Energy was concerned.