Living the Charade(67)

By: Michelle Conder

‘But I am wearing a suit this time. Does that count?’

Miller felt both fearful and excited in the face of his unwavering resolve. ‘It does help that you look insanely handsome in one, yes.’

Valentino clasped her face in his hands. ‘Okay, you’re still worried. Talk to me.’

Miller wet her dry lips and took a deep breath. He’d put his heart on the line for her, was giving up his racing career to be with her. The least she could do was confide her greatest fear.

‘Valentino, you can’t possibly feel the same way about me as I do about you, and that will eventually ruin everything between us.’

She tried to glance away, feeling utterly miserable now, but he held her fast.

‘How do you feel about me, Miller?’

‘I love you, of course. But—’

She didn’t get any further as his mouth captured hers in a blistering kiss so full of sensual passion and promise that tears stung the backs of her eyes.

‘Stop.’ She pushed at him weakly, her body trembling against his. ‘You’re too good at that, and it doesn’t change the fundamental law of relationships.’

‘Which one’s that?’ he asked, nuzzling the side of her neck.

Miller tried to put some distance between them, but his hold was implacable. ‘The one that says one person will always love more than the other.’

Her voice was so anguished Valentino stopped kissing her and stared into her eyes. ‘I’ve never heard of that law, but you’ll never love me as much as I love you. I guarantee it.’

‘No.’ Miller shook her head. ‘Your feelings can’t possibly be as strong as mine are for you.’

Valentino smiled, pressed her against the cabin wall. ‘Want to argue about it for the rest of our lives?’

Miller burst out laughing, radiant happiness slowly soaking into every corner of her heart. ‘You’re serious!’

Valentino stayed her nervous hands in one of his. ‘I’ve never been more serious about anything. I once told you I’d never met a woman who excited me as much as racing—but, Miller, you do. I feel exhilarated just thinking about seeing you. And when I do...’ He shook his head, the depth of his emotions shining brightly in his eyes.

Miller gazed back at the only man who had ever made her heart sing. ‘I love you so much. I didn’t know it was even possible to feel like this about another person.’

‘Ditto, Sunshine. Now, put me out of my misery and tell me you’ll marry me.’

Completely overwhelmed by emotions no longer held at bay Miller grinned stupidly. ‘I’ll marry you—but with one condition.’

Valentino groaned. ‘I knew you wouldn’t make it easy. What’s the condition?’

Miller linked her hands behind his neck, deciding to have some fun with him. ‘We do it at my pace, not yours.’

Valentino threw back his head and laughed. ‘I told Sam that was my lucky shirt. Now it will be forever known as my life-changing shirt.’

Wriggling closer, Miller nuzzled his neck, the last of her doubts fading into nothing. ‘I love you.’

Valentino’s touch became purposeful, masterful. ‘And I you.’

Miller smiled. How had she ever thought love was horrible? Love was wonderful.