His Plain-Jane Cinderella

By: Jennie Adams

Cinderella’s changing the rules!

Stacie Wakefield is sick of playing second fiddle. When her gorgeous older sister steals her man, it’s the last straw. She leaves and is definitely happier on her own. Until she meets her new boss—brooding ex-soldier Troy Rushton.…

After an injury cost him everything, Troy’s too busy putting his life back together to worry about his heart. Plus, Stacie deserves the complete fairy tale, not damaged goods like him.

Troy has shown Stacie the woman she could be—so now it’s time for her to show him she needs her Prince Charming by her side!

Dear Reader,

Sometimes when a man seems so strong, we wonder if he’s invincible. But then we get to know him and realize that somewhere, underneath the strength and determination, there are emotions and tender feelings that are perhaps even harder for him to acknowledge because it’s his job to be self-contained and in control.

This is how I feel about my hero, Troy Rushton. He’s lost the army career that defined so much of who he is. He’s starting over, and not too keen to let others in as he does that. Yet

Stacie Wakefield doesn’t seem to focus on his limp, or the things that Troy can’t do.

In fact, Troy wonders if anything would stop this intrepid, determined girl in her own life. She sews her dog clothes and carries out her DIY projects on her cottage outside of town and seems determined to forge a life by herself, and Troy…can’t help admiring her. Stacie has been hurt, too. Someone very close to her found happiness at the expense of Stacie’s own. It’s hard for her to accept that, but Stacie hopes that starting over in a new town will help.

Though Tarrula is a fictitious town, it has a lot in common with many of the rural New South Wales towns I’ve lived in and visited. There is peace to be found in this small community, if Troy and Stacie can open up to each other and allow that to happen.

I hope you enjoy Troy and Stacie’s journey as they find their once-upon-a-time happy ending, right in the heart of Tarrula.

Please visit my website for further information about all of my stories.

With love from Australia,



‘LISTEN, Stace, I don’t know how this happened. I only turned my back for a minute.’

‘You were discussing football scores and you stopped watching what was happening on the floor. You can’t do that when you’re in charge, Gary.’ Stacie Wakefield cut off the words of the assistant floor-boss of the hulling section of the almond-processing plant. ‘Carl’s not here. That means you’re in charge!’

They stood ankle-deep in spilled harvested almonds. Stacie had spotted the problem from the office upstairs and rushed down in time for the overload to pour onto the floor. ‘You may have stopped the spillage but look at it, Gary. Another five minutes and this section will be so far behind that the rest of the plant will have to wait for product. Just because Carl isn’t here today, doesn’t mean—’

‘All right, maybe I did get distracted.’ The words were mumbled before he shook his head. ‘Look, I’ll get it sorted out, so don’t stress, okay? I’d noticed the problem by the time you got down here, hadn’t I?’ Gary gave her a wink and a nudge as though to convince her he was quite calm about this glitch, and that she should be too.

‘You noticed too late.’ Stacie muttered the words, and added more loudly, ‘I hope you can get it sorted out.’

‘It’ll be all right. Well, gotta get moving.’ Gary’s gaze shifted behind her left shoulder. ‘Time’s money.’

With these words, he strode away.

Why had he done that all of a sudden after standing about, wasting time, playing down the mess to Stacie first? Because the new owner was approaching from behind her, that was why!

If that weren’t the case, Stacie would eat the latest doggy coat she’d created for her home-based business, the Bow-wow-tique. Well, maybe not the dark-green one she’d made last week, but she’d added that to Fang’s winter collection so it didn’t really count.

New owner, Stacie.

He’s not going to go away and come back at a more convenient time just because you don’t want him to see this spill on the floor—or because none of this is your responsibility but Carl’s asked you to take care of the new boss.

In the end it was only a meet and greet. If the owner needed anything outside of Stacie’s knowledge or authority, she’d let him know what she could and couldn’t do and manage.

Stacie pinned on what she hoped was a calm, helpful expression, and turned to face…

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