By: Brenda Jackson

* * *

Canyon nibbled kisses along the side of his wife’s neck. Keisha turned her head and whispered, “Canyon, behave. There are people looking at us.”

He chuckled. “Let them look. Maybe they will take the hint it’s time for them to leave. I’m beginning to think having the reception here in our home wasn’t a good idea.”

Flutters raced through Keisha. Their home. She was now the mistress of this, Canyon’s Bluff. She had taken a two-month leave from work and Mr. Spivey and Mr. Whitlock understood. Everyone had been as shocked as she’d been over Michael’s behavior, and everyone was glad he was getting the mental-health treatment he needed.

“I hate to interrupt this unprecedented show of passion, but Pam would like to talk to Keisha in the house for a minute,” Stern said.

Canyon gave Keisha a kiss before she left and then he turned to Stern. “So, you’re on vacation next week. Got anything planned?”

Stern shrugged. “I’m headed for the lodge to do some elk hunting in Woodland Park.”

Canyon lifted a brow. “Alone?”

“No. JoJo is going with me.”

Canyon nodded. A few years ago Stern had purchased a run-down hunting lodge that he had since restored. It was now a beauty and Stern rented it out except for those times he used it himself. “Well, don’t let JoJo outhunt you, like she did the last time.”

Stern smiled. “I’ll try not to, but you know JoJo, anything a man can do she can probably do better.”

At that moment, Keisha returned. She had changed into a green pantsuit. She slid car keys into Canyon’s hand. “I’m ready to go.”

Canyon lifted a brow. “We’re going somewhere? Tonight?”

Keisha chuckled. “Yes. That was my surprise for you. I made reservations for us at a hotel in town. Our bags are packed already and in the car. Mom and Dad will take care of things until we return tomorrow.”

Grinning, Canyon took Keisha’s hand. The idea of sneaking off from his own wedding reception was an awesome surprise. “Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go, baby.”

He turned to Stern. “Enjoy your vacation, and I’ll see you when you get back.”

Canyon then tightened his hand on Keisha’s as they walked to his car. He was more than ready to get her alone. She was his heart and his soul. His everything. And when he got her into that hotel room, he intended to prove it.