By: Brenda Jackson

“He not here. Our car?”

Keisha felt a headache coming on and knew after Canyon’s visit she would have to have a talk with her son. “Because he has his own car.”

“Go home with us?”

“Yes.” Too late she realized how that sounded and quickly moved to clear it up. “He has his own home. Not ours.”

“Not our house?”

“No, not our house.”

He didn’t say anything, but went back to playing with his toy. When they got home she would feed him dinner, give him a bath and then let him have a little playtime before putting him in bed. When it came to bedtime, she was lucky. Beau didn’t have the issues some other kids did with fighting sleep. He eagerly went to bed each night as if it was his God-given right to get eight hours or more of sleep.

She glanced back into her rearview mirror at the car still following closely behind her. Her gaze connected with Canyon’s once again.

She no longer loved him, she was sure of it. Her love hadn’t dissipated immediately but in slow degrees. And just to think—she had planned to tell him about her pregnancy when she had returned home early and found him with Bonita.

She broke eye contact to face the road ahead, which is what she’d been doing since that night. And she didn’t intend to look back again.

Moments later she was pulling into the driveway of the home she considered hers. The community was a new one, and most of the families were progressive couples or singles with small children. She’d already joined the homeowners association and knew several of her neighbors. It was a friendly neighborhood and she enjoyed living here.

She brought the car to a stop and then got out. She had moved around to the side of the car by the time Canyon got out of his. She glanced over at him and said, “I really wish you’d wait and talk to me at another time.”

“We don’t always get what we want, Keisha.”

Feeling frustrated and annoyed, she narrowed her eyes at him and opened the door to get Beau out of his seat.

“I’ll do that,” Canyon said.

She stepped aside to let him, not wanting to make a scene in front of Beau. However, the main thing she intended to do when they talked was to make it absolutely clear that while he might be Beau’s father, she would not allow him to bulldoze his way into their lives.

Pulling her keys from her purse, she moved up the walkway to her front door. Canyon followed with Beau in his arms. She was tempted to remind Canyon once again that Beau could walk, but decided to keep quiet for now.

The moment she opened the door, Keisha knew something was wrong. For starters, the chime from her security alarm didn’t sound. And when she took a step inside and glanced around, she gasped in horror.

Someone had broken into her home.


Canyon quickly went into action and handed Beau to Keisha. “Take Beau and get back in the car.”

Already he was on the phone calling Pete. “This is Canyon. The woman who was being followed earlier today had her home broken into.”

“What’s the address? I’m still in the area. Don’t mess with anything.”

Canyon turned around, not surprised that Keisha hadn’t gone back to the car like he’d told her to do. “What’s the address?” He could tell from her dazed look that she was still in shock at what she’d found when she’d opened her door.


She looked at him. “Yes?”

“What’s this address?”

She rattled a number off to him which he gave to Pete.

“Home messy, Mommy.”

Their son’s words made Keisha suck in a deep breath and Canyon saw how Beau’s innocent words had crushed her. This was the home she had made for her and their son and someone had invaded her sanctuary. They had violated it.

“Come on, let’s step outside, Keisha. The police are on the way,” he said softly. When she opened her mouth to protest, he added, “We can’t touch anything until they get here.”

Keisha closed her mouth and drew in a deep breath, feeling the pain in her chest when she did so. Canyon, she knew, was intentionally blocking her view but she’d already seen her living room and could just imagine how the rest of her house looked. Had the intruder gone into her bedroom? Beau’s room? What had been stolen?