At the Brazilian's Command(59)

By: Susan Stephens

‘I love you with all my heart,’ Tiago whispered against her mouth, kissing her tenderly and repeatedly. ‘And I can’t bear to share you with anyone. Is that terrible of me?’

‘Not at all.’ Standing on tiptoe, she kissed him back.

‘And now we’re going to be three—’

‘Or four—who knows?’ she teased him.

‘You’ve made me very happy,’ Tiago growled, staring deep into her eyes. ‘And that was before you gave me the news of our baby.’

Danny’s gaze dropped to the firm, sexy mouth of the man she loved. ‘Did you say you had taken a suite at the hotel, so we could freshen up after the blessing if we needed to?’

‘That’s right. I have,’ Tiago confirmed.

‘I need to freshen up.’ She looked at him.

‘Strange,’ Tiago murmured, brushing her mouth with his. ‘So do I...’