An Heiress For His Empire(61)

By: Lucy Monroe

“Your mother considered her another daughter.”

“She did.” Maddie smiled in memory. “But I’m not sure Romi needs security because I consider her my sister.”

“In a few weeks, she will own twelve and a half percent of a multibillion-dollar company.”

“No one but us will know that.”

“You know better than that.”

She did. “I don’t know if we can convince her.”

“Tell her security comes with the shares.”

“She’s not going to be happy.”

Vik didn’t look too worried about that reality. “She’s part of my family now. She’ll get used to it.”

Maddie wasn’t sure she agreed, but she loved the sentiment.

Vik pulled Maddie close, but kept eye contact. “I love you.”

It didn’t matter that he’d said it before, that she knew it to be true—saying the words here made them a vow for him.

Maddie’s throat constricted, moisture burning hot behind her eyes and all she could do was nod.

“I will love you always,” he promised.

She took a steadying breath. “Me, too.”

“We will say the important stuff.”


“We’ll talk about the emotional stuff often.” He still looked a little green around the gills at the idea, but he was making the promise.

And Maddie knew Vik would keep it.

“With our children, too,” Maddie vowed.

Vik nodded. “When I forget, you’ll remind me.”

“Yes.” Not that she was convinced he would ever forget the important things.

When Vik set his mind to something, he succeeded.

He looked like he had something he wanted to say, so she waited for him to say it. “Your father...”


“I could have been him.”

“No. You’re different.”

“I am, but I could have been. He never got that love and family made having the power and the business matter, not the other way around.”

“But you do.”

“I do.” The absolute conviction in Vik’s tone touched her to the core.

“Perry really played into your hands, didn’t he?”

Vik shrugged. “We would have married, one way, or another.”

“Because you loved me and could not imagine your life without me.”

Vik’s smile was brighter than the sun in the height of summer. “Exactly.”


Their shared laughter floated over the bay as their bodies pressed together in the most basic promise of all.

Shared love for a lifetime.