An Unwilling Desire(64)

By: Carole Mortimer

‘Did I remember to thank you?’

Zack looked up at her sleepily as the two of them lay in bed together later that night. Their honeymoon was being spent in romantic Paris, in a house Zack had loaned from a friend. ‘For what?’ he asked indulgently.

‘For giving me back my mother.’ The three of them had finally joined Maxine and James for lunch, and she had later parted from her mother with a promise to see her as soon as they returned from their honeymoon.

‘Are you going to give all my life that "happy-ever-after" touch?’ she teased.

‘I’m going to try,’ he promised.

‘How did you know, Zack?’ She lay against his chest during this needed respite from their tempestuous lovemaking. ‘What made you realise I’d been wrong about my mother?’

‘I didn’t.’ He idly played with the hair at her nape. ‘I just wondered if she might be interested in the fact that we were getting married. She was. She went on to tell me her side of things, and I thought the two of you should meet. I tried to tell you before the wedding, but then I thought perhaps you wouldn’t marry me. I daren’t risk that, not after losing you once already.’

‘I love you more than ever for giving me back my mother.’

‘Only for that?’

Her hands roamed caressingly down his body. ‘Well, maybe for one or two other reasons too.’

‘I should think so,’ he growled.

‘Isn’t it time you "worshipped me with your body" again?’ She looked at him with innocent eyes.

Zack smiled. ‘I thought you were never going to ask!’