Unravel Me(7)

By: Tori St. Claire

Her voice lowered to a whisper. “I wish you would.”

Brad swept his thumb across her lower lip, aching to feel that softness beneath his mouth. But before he gave in to the temptation, he wanted her like she was in the car—a heartbeat away from asking for his touch and squirming for relief. “You’ll have to wait a little longer.” He curled his fingers at her waist, drawing her dress into his hands, easing it up her amazing thighs. “Let me know when you can’t take it anymore.”

A shiver rolled through her body. Long lashes dusted her cheekbones as she closed her eyes and nodded. If he thought he could pull himself back once he gave in and sampled her sweet flavor, he’d kiss her right now when she least expected it and put an end to his own torture. But a nagging voice in the back of his mind warned once he went down that path, once he made intimate contact, he’d tailspin out of control.

Instead, he leaned away from her graceful curves and focused on gathering her dress into his hands. He exposed her shapely legs inch-by-inch, mesmerized by her smooth, olive-toned skin. When he uncovered black lace panties, his gut hollowed out. He didn’t need to touch to know she was completely shaved beneath. And that flimsy scrap of lace did nothing to hide the evidence of her arousal that glistened at the inlet of her thighs.

Gritting his teeth against the straining of his cock, he roughly instructed, “Raise your arms.”

She complied without hesitation, and he jerked the dress over her head. It tumbled out of his hands to land at his feet. Brad stared, momentarily incapable of thought. She stood before him wearing black stilettos, matching panties, and nothing else. Her breasts were only large enough to fit his palm, but they were pert and full. Rosy nipples stood at attention, hard little buds he couldn’t wait to feel against his tongue.

And he had no intention of waiting.

As thought slowly returned, he bent and drew one into his mouth. Her back arched, and she let out a moan that threatened to undo him. Closing his eyes, he swirled the nub around his tongue, suckled just enough to bring her forward onto her toes. When her fingers latched onto his shoulders and her nails pricked through his shirt, he couldn’t contain a satisfied groan.

That’s it, baby. Let me take you there.

He fitted his hand at the small of her back and held her steady, taking time with her breast, leading her into the fire that scorched through his bloodstream. He wanted her to fall apart in his hands. But the sexy little sounds that rumbled in her throat were picking away at his resolve. Before they could burrow beneath his skin and do damage, he let her nipple slide off his lips.

Straightening, he exchanged his mouth for his hand and cupped the weighty softness of her breast. Her eyelashes lifted. Wide, wondrous eyes held his. Eyes a man could get lost in if he looked too long.

Brad nuzzled the side of her neck. Ran his tongue over the bounding vein alongside her throat. She shuddered, and her head tipped backward, spilling her glorious hair over his fingers at the small of her back. He slid his hand up her spine and through those long silken lengths. Tilting her head to the side, he grazed his teeth across her dainty earlobe. “I bet you taste like chocolate,” he whispered.

Her quiet whimper tightened his body into hewn steel.

“Sweet like the wine tonight.” He took her nipple between thumb and forefinger and gave it a slight twist. The gasp she let out ricocheted through him. To hell with waiting—if she wasn’t going to ask, he’d take matters into his own hands. He tugged on her hair, tipped her face to his. “Kiss me, sweetheart.”

The feathery brush of her lips snapped through him like a live current. He willed himself to remain still, waited for the parting of her lips, the hesitant stroke of her tongue. It was everything he could do to not crumple her close and savage that pretty mouth, though God knew he wanted to. He counted backward from ten, then twenty, giving her time to get comfortable with him. Then, he surrendered to the wild need that gnawed at his gut. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he dragged her body flush with his and took control of the kiss.

Her hands skimmed up his chest and her nails scraped his scalp. A throaty groan rumbled between them, but Brad didn’t know who made the sound. He dropped his hand to her bottom, squeezing as his hips thrust forward. She ground against his swollen cock. A shock of ecstasy surged down his spine.

Fuck—he was in trouble. He’d known he would be, but he hadn’t anticipated anything quite like this. Hadn’t expected that one kiss would leave him wanting to shove her against the wall, wrap her ankles around his waist, and sink inside her with abandon. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d experienced true abandon. His past relationships were too mired in conflicting needs and desires. But this woman…good God, he’d never encountered a connection like this.