The Wild West Billionaire Duet(8)

By: Harper Lauren

“I haven’t,” I argued. “I’ve been out with a few girls.” I didn’t bother telling Harry that the only reason I’d gone on the occasional date was when I needed someone to come out for a company dinner. “I’m just not interested.” I shrugged. “The girls here aren’t really interested in casual dating, and it’s not like I have time to be a boyfriend.”

“You’re boring,” Harry said. He rolled his eyes.

“I’m an adult,” I said drily. “I care about work, and my company. I’m not exactly in the market for a relationship right now. And besides, women here are no different than American women. When they meet me and find out who I am, all I can see is dollar signs in their eyes.”

“So? You have all that money, you might as well put it to good use,” Harry said snidely.

I sighed.

“Seriously, James, I thought this would be good for you. New city, new girls – nothing like back home in Boston.”

I hesitated. For a second, I was tempted to tell Harry the truth. That there was, in fact, someone I was interested in.


Ever since I’d met her the previous Christmas at a bachelor party in Jamaica, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her. We’d shared a night of unbridled passion – and in the twelve months that had since passed, she’d never left my mind. Even during nights where I worked myself to the bone on a project or dealing with a new client, Beth had always been right there. Her sexy freckles, that long brown hair, and her sparkling green eyes. Not to mention her killer, petite body – she’d looked like a girl next door turned supermodel. I could still remember the feel of her soft skin under my rough hands.

I’d tried to find her. When she’d left without a note or a phone number – or even a last name – I’d gone crazy. I’d hired a private investigator and spent thousands of dollars trying to locate her. All I knew was that she was gorgeous, in Boston, and that her name was Beth.

The odds of finding her seemed fucking impossible, but I wasn’t going to give up. And now that I was heading back home, I wanted to double down on my search.

“Hello? Earth to James,” Harry said. “What do you want?”

A bartender was standing next to Harry, looking vaguely annoyed.

“Just a bourbon,” I said. “On the rocks.”

The bartender nodded. A few seconds later, he returned with two glasses brimming to the top with bourbon. Harry and I each took a glass and clinked.

“What were you saying?” I took a long swallow of my drink. The bourbon burned all the way down, in a delicious, familiar way.

Harry looked at me in disgust. “You’re hopeless,” he said. “Look, James, I don’t know what happened, but you’ve been different ever since we went to Jamaica last year – did something happen?”

“No,” I lied. “Nothing happened.”

I knew that I was thinking like a crazy person. There was no way a rational person would keep pursuing a one-night-stand from almost a year ago…especially considering I didn’t even know her last name! But Beth had sparked something in me, something real, something that I’d never felt before.

And I knew I had to find her, no matter what.

Chapter Three


I climbed out of bed and yawned, rubbing my fists against my eyes. The sun was shining outside – it looked like it was already late afternoon – but I knew it was freezing cold. It had snowed, again, the night before, and I’d stayed in bed all day, reading and snacking on the cookies Danielle had brought home from her job.

It had been exactly one week since I’d quit working for Jim. The first few days had been hard. I felt useless and lazy, and it was hard to motivate myself to do anything other than shower during the long days at home. Danielle had been more than supportive – she’d done nothing but give me encouraging words. She’d even asked her friend who worked in a staffing agency if there were any leads that looked like they’d be a good fit for me. But nothing had worked out. Yesterday, I’d spent the whole day sending my resume to what felt like every company in the city. I knew that as soon as I started getting interviews again, I’d start to feel better.