The Wild West Billionaire Duet(10)

By: Harper Lauren

I looked up to see a middle-aged woman sitting at the table. She stood and offered me her hand, which I shook as firmly as I could without crushing her. She had friendly eyes but a stern face, and I noticed that her silk and wool suit was obviously designer.

“It’s very nice to meet you,” I said politely. I waited for Linda to sit down before sitting across from her and passing over a copy of my resume. “I brought this, just in case you needed an extra copy.”

Linda gave me a brief smile. “Thank you for coming in today,” she said. “I’m going to tell you a little about the position, and then we’ll get into the interview portion.”

I nodded.

“So, you’ll be working as the administrative assistant for our CEO, James West,” Linda continued. “He’s a very important man, with a busy schedule. You’ll need to make sure that all of his needs are taken care of, and that a professional relationship is maintained at all times.”

I frowned. “Why do you say that?”

For the first time, I saw a crack in Linda’s composure. “Some of his assistants in the past have developed…” She trailed off. “Well, let’s not discuss that.” She smiled, but I could tell it was forced. “The important thing is that you’re able to do the job properly.”

I thought of my horrible last boss, Jim, and the harassment I’d endured.

“I’m sure I can,” I said. “As long as Mr. West is professional and respectful, I will be, too.”

Linda nodded. She seemed relieved. “Very good,” she said. “So, please tell me a little bit about yourself.”

“I recently graduated with a degree in social media management,” I said. As I told Linda about myself and my interests, I could see that she was smiling for real now. She made a lot of notes on the pad in front of her as I talked.

After Linda had asked me a few questions, I felt more confident than ever. She was easy to talk with – it was almost like talking with a friend – and I knew instinctively that I’d be a good match for this company. As long as James, whoever he was, was nothing like Jim, I had a feeling that I was going to be very happy here.

At the end of the interview, Linda got to her feet. She beamed at me. “Hanna, I don’t want to give anything away, but you’re the strongest candidate I’ve spoken to so far. I think you would be a great fit for this position.”

My jaw dropped and it took me a few seconds to recover my composure. “Wow, that’s wonderful news,” I said. “Thank you so much.”

Linda nodded. “I’ll speak with human resources, but I’m betting you’ll have a verbal offer by the end of the day. Are you currently interviewing anywhere else?”

I shook my head. “No,” I said honestly. “I’m not.”

Linda smiled. “Very good,” she said. “Well, Hanna, thank you very much for coming in and speaking with me today. And I think I can speak for all of us at Magnate Group when I say that I’m looking forward to seeing how you do here.”

“Thank you so much,” I said. My heart was racing and I had to make a conscious effort not to jump and leap around with happiness.

As I left the Magnate Group offices, I felt happier and more relaxed than I had in weeks. I couldn’t believe it – I’d finally landed a job worthy of the four years I’d spent slaving away in college. And while I didn’t know anything about my new boss, James, I was more than excited to learn.

Chapter Four


I only had a few days left in the London office before heading back home, and I was starting to get antsy. I’d missed Boston, but I’d been so busy that I’d hardly thought of home during the year I’d been gone. But now that my return was imminent, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the things, places, and people that I’d missed.

Harry had been disappointed with me. I hadn’t wanted to go out on a pub crawl with him, or sleep with any lingerie model, or waste my time on banal bacchanalia. Part of me was irritated with Harry, too – we’d known each other for years, and it was very clear that we were two very different men. But on the other hand, his impish charm and behavior was what had drawn me to him in the first place. Men like Harry made me feel stable and confident, even in a sea of uncertainty. I felt like he was one of the only people who ever understood how truly unhappy I was. That was why I never begrudged his constant skirt-chasing – I knew that Harry wanted me to be happy, and he was trying the best way he knew how.