The Lion's Pride(5)

By: Terra Wolf & Olivia Arran

His lips curled in a smile, revealing white, even teeth. “Shame. I liked my name for you better.” He moved a little closer.

My back bumped up against the wall. Throwing up a hand between us, I pushed against his chest. Big mistake. His muscle was solid under my fingers, his heat sinking into my hand and traveling up my arm, liquid and thrilling. “Why—? Who—?”

His mouth came down on mine, swallowing my confused stutter. He gave me no warning… It was my last coherent thought as need flared up inside me, roaring through me with an urgency I had never known before.

My fingers curled into his shirt, twisting the soft cotton as I opened my mouth to his questing tongue, his taste invading me as his hands moved urgently, stroking up and down my body, molding and exploring my overly-generous curves.

My gorgeous stranger groaned, the sound raw and feral as he dragged me closer, his hands reaching around and cupping my ass. His cock dug into me, long and thick and hard, rubbing and teasing as he feasted at my mouth, devouring me in long, drawn out kisses of tongues and teeth.

What was I doing? My hands were pulling up his shirt, my nails dragging against his skin, tracing the rigid outline of his pecs then bumping down over his abs to reach his waistband. I wanted him. Desperately. I needed him.




Her lips were pliant under mine, supple and soft, her mouth open to my invasion. My lion roared inside my head, demanding that I get closer still. Her ass overflowed my hands as I squeezed and molded her against my aching shaft.

She had grabbed my attention the second I had set eyes on her. And that’s what had tipped me off. No one caught my attention. Petite, her figure overflowed with ripe curves and kissable caramel skin. I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I had to talk to her and touch her. I had to see why she intrigued me.

And now I knew.


I acknowledged my lion’s claiming growl, rocking my hips against her core, urging her to accept what was happening between us.

Because she felt it, too, I could tell. Her soft gasps, the tremor that ran the length of her spine when I nipped her lip, her utter surrender. She was mine.

Lara. My true mate. The one person on this earth destined for me.

Caging her with my body, I traced a path down her throat to her chest, trailing a finger across the soft fabric that covered her breasts. Exquisite. Cupping one of the soft mounds, I thumbed a stiff nipple. I needed to taste her, to feed on her.

I dragged her scent into my lungs, honeysuckle and nutmeg, the perfect aphrodisiac.

“What—?” Her words were a soft moan, her eyes glazed and unfocused as she blinked at me.

“I want you, Lara.” I rocked my hips against her pussy, just in case she needed a physical cue.

Her head fell back, her lips parting on a gasp of desire. “I don’t do this—”

“With me, you do.” I nipped the slender column of her neck, working my way back to her lips. Drowning in her taste. “You won’t regret it, I promise. Let me pleasure you…”

Indecision flashed in her dark brown eyes. “I don’t know you. You could be—”

“Give me a little time and you’ll know me very well. Shit, do you want me to beg?” Because I was seconds away from doing exactly that. If I didn’t get inside my mate soon…

Shock passed over her face, followed quickly by an answering flare of heat.

Yes, she liked that idea. Locking eyes with her, I braced my hands on the wall on either side of her head. Leaning in I murmured in a low voice, “I want to fuck you so bad, my little gatito, to feel the heat of you squeezing and clenching around my aching cock while I thrust deep inside of you.”


At her gasp, the mating urge surged up inside of me, demanding that I take her and make her mine. But I needed her to say yes. She had to want me as much as I wanted her.

“Please…” The word had barely left my lips before she grabbed my head, yanking me down, smashing her lips to mine.

A roar of triumph filled my head as I gathered her up in my arms, taking the steps two at a time. Shoving open the door to my office, I surveyed the room. Why the fuck didn’t I have a couch? Letting her slide down to the floor, I stepped back and yanked off my t-shirt.

Her hands were immediately on me, petting and smoothing across my chest, her blunt nails scraping and digging as we came back together in a tangle of lips and hands.

A purr of satisfaction rumbled in my chest, the sound vibrating through me. I stiffened. What the—? I didn’t purr. I wasn’t a goddamn house cat, for fuck’s sake. At least she wasn’t laughing at me. Sliding my hand around her hip, I inched up her skirt and palmed her pussy through her panties. I bit back a groan. My mate was hot and wet—and ready.