The Firstborn Prince (The Billionaire Dynasties)(66)

By: Virginia Nelson

Smiling to himself, Boyd set the list back on the desk. Yes, he was hers, but that particular arrangement meant that she, in turn, was his. And he was about sick of her not being his right then when he had a plan in mind.

“Natalie,” he repeated.

She finally glanced at him, eyes going wide when she took in the fact that he’d stripped and was standing naked next to her. When she licked her lips slowly, he saw the interest kindling in her too-blue gaze.

“Hey, Harp,” she said. “I gotta go. Yeah, you know how he is. Completely bossy.” She ended the call and leaned back in her chair, steepling her fingers.

“You know how this goes,” she told him. “I gave you the rules. Do you plan to listen to them and follow them to the best of your ability?”

“No,” he answered without a qualm. “My girlfriend told me that rules are made to be broken.”

She shook her head sadly. “Look, Foster, if you don’t follow the rules, I just can’t help you.”

He dragged her to her feet, burying his fingers in her untamed hair. “Good. Let me help you…out of these clothes. I have a little game in mind.”

“I’m getting tied up, aren’t I?” she asked, her fingers stroking his chest gently as she rubbed her nose against his. “You’re tying me up and making me pay for ignoring you.”

“Yeah,” he replied. “Against the window,” he added, just in case she was curious about that part of his plan.

“The window? How?” Her eyes widened, but not in shock. If he knew his girl, the idea turned her on. “What if someone sees?”

“Rule number three in the modified list says I need to do what makes me happy. Stretching you against the glass while I lick your sweet pussy will make me very, very happy. I want you grunting into the glass, panting, and rubbing your—”

“I get the point,” she said, rubbing up against him and biting his collarbone.

“Not yet, but I’ll give that to you later. In the bed,” he promised.

“I love you,” she whispered, her lips centimeters from his own.

“Love you, too, my devious lover. Now, take off your clothes and shove your breasts against that cold glass like a good girl.”

Her smile promised forever, and he was going to take her at her word.

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No writing happens in a void, so these are just a few of the people who helped me while I was writing this one.

Thank you, my Facebook pals, for naming the hero, Foster, and the dog, Buffy.

As always, thanks to my kids. Justice, David, Ashton… I couldn’t do it without you. Between food when I am on deadline to just making me smile, you make all this possible. Love you so much. You are my heart.

Thanks to Michelle and fam for All the Things. Love you bunches. Thanks to Tony, for his Sunday grocery runs and constant belief in the stories.

Thanks to my SHUWPF crit partners Lisa & Stacey. Your help has been invaluable. Thanks also to Paul Goat Allan, mentor and inspiration. And of course, thanks to Vanessa for being awesome.

Thanks, as usual, to Sara and Heather. The fact that you read and cheer me on… I can’t begin to say how much that means to me. Additional thanks to my pals in myWriteClub for sprinting!