The Firstborn Prince (The Billionaire Dynasties)(6)

By: Virginia Nelson

Due to that wealth and overexposure, or maybe because of it, neither of the Boyds were afraid of a little controversy. Or a lot of controversy. Their reputations weren’t rusted and dinged up—they were permanently soiled. She’d seen both of their behinds, generally in glossy spreads with headlines like, “Twin Princes Caught on Camera…Again!”

They were often captured running off to Vegas or surrounded by a roomful of strippers, but the press ate it up. Because aside from being egocentric and arrogant bazillionaires, both twins were known for being humanitarians and otherwise fighting for causes they held dear. She wouldn’t be surprised with a headline featuring them at the Olympics, busted with the women’s swimming team any more than she’d be stunned to see one or both brothers heading a foundation to ensure clean water to a third world nation.

Handsome, rich, known for their wild and crazy stunts… Basically, she wasn’t sure what any image consultant could do to change a lifetime of debauchery and rebellion against the expected norms. Or to enhance it.

Not to mention a somewhat tarnished image consultant still recovering from the shenanigans of her last client.

That he had the audacity to point out the fact that she had zero options and no income only irritated her. She hadn’t done a thing wrong in her life—paid her own way through school, worked hard, kept her own reputation flawless—while he was the poster child for what not to do to become a success. Yet, there they were.

It pissed her off.

She wasn’t even kidding when she offered to show him the door—although the suggestion was a bit arrogant on her part, considering they could both see the damn door. It was about a foot behind him, actually, due to the size of her desk and the tiny nature of the office. She stared him down, anyway—which wasn’t a hardship, since the man had a sexual punch that was like a tank hitting her libido. His hair was long and blond, his forehead high, and his eyes a clear gray that reminded her of fog in London. It wasn’t fair that he was that hot and wealthy and powerful.

“I think you misunderstand me, Ms. Stolen,” he began.

“What is there to misunderstand, Mr. Boyd?” she asked. “You came to my office to point out the fact that I’ve come upon hard times?”

“No, hardly,” he said with a shake of his head. “I’m here to offer you a way out of your hard times.”

She blinked, focusing on his words and trying to make sense of them. “And I thought I addressed that, Mr. Boyd. I’m an image consultant. I don’t see what use you would have for my services.”

His smile was slow and crawled across his face in a way that sent shivers of awareness dancing across her skin. Good lord, if the man melted the panties off a girl with just a smile, imagine what he could do with his hands.

It wasn’t the time for her to be getting hot and horny over a potential client. She bit her lip and reminded herself this was business, not hump the hottie time.

“Ms. Stolen, it has come to my attention that you have a unique ability to keep secrets, even at the risk of your own career.” Foster Boyd petted the head of that dog again, in a way that she was starting to suspect was unconscious.

It was hard to be bitchy when faced with those big liquid brown doggy eyes. Not fair, really, that the dog and owner were so damn fun to look at. “What does my ability to keep confidential information for my clients have to do with your visit, Mr. Boyd?”

“My brother recently proved distracted during a time where the company required him to be focused. His mistake led to damages that we saw in sales, which means that perhaps he’s no longer situated in a way that is best for Boyd Cosmetics,” Foster Boyd said. “To be specific, there was a failed ad campaign which left the board on edge. Stocks dipped, and my brother still seems too distracted to correct the situation. I’m prepared to do what needs done to save the company.”

Narrowing her eyes, Natalie tried to read between the lines of what he was saying to hear what he meant. At first, she couldn’t figure it out, but then she tentatively decided to try to prod for more information without committing herself to agreeing to anything.