The Billionaire's Seduction(74)

By: Kristi Avalon

Cade and Kylie were another match made in perfection. Cade had been the ultimate pretty-boy player. Liam admitted to looking up to him. Cade was the only one of the four of them who’d gone to college and achieved a degree. He’d suggested plenty of times for Liam to go back to school. Wasn’t happening. Cade had accused him of being too much like Adam, his brother. That wasn’t the case, at all. Cade didn’t understand his or his brother’s background, and neither did Trey. Only he and Adam—mostly him—had to deal with their parents’ lifestyle that his cousins couldn’t begin to fathom. Liam didn’t regret anything, and he sure as hell didn’t blame his aunt and uncle, or cousins, for turning a blind eye to the reality he lived, day in and day out, surrounded by neglect and poverty. Those people had been his champions, had made him feel welcome and appreciated at every chance.

That distracted from the point he was trying to make to himself.

Trey, Cade...even his own fucked up brother, Adam—Liam slapped his chest and made an invisible salute to the brother he’d once thought was hopeless—had found a future, and someone who loved him without a second thought. Adam decided to change himself, on a fundamental level, in order to earn the right to make Marissa his wife.

God, his own brother had found the perfect woman for him—the last person that Liam thought would ever settle down. Who’d make himself available to her, at her beck and call, while Adam jumped at every chance to fulfill her wishes, make her happy. Not because he was whipped, but because he genuinely adored Marissa, and went out of his way to see to her every request and need.

Not to mention, the two were getting married in less than two weeks. Still, Liam had seen a side of his hard-ass brother that made his own equally stubborn heart question what he was doing alone, after all this time.

Everyone one of them—the men he’d counted on always—had moved on to start families and begin new lives beyond their four-squared familial bond. Was he feeling left out…or did he really adore Sophia as much as Cade and Trey would demand?

He knew the answer.

That left him.

Screw that. He wasn’t the guy who’d lose to his brother and cousins. He’d told Sophia he was in this to win. He would. She didn’t even need to play by his rules. He’d let her make up her own, if she would dare to share the strategy, and let him make those strategic plays alongside her.

He’d never stop being a reader of people. He’d never stop reaching out to the hurt and lonely, like he’d done with the Waldo-tie man in the elevator. He’d never stop making people feel good about themselves, all people, at every chance.

That’s what he lived for, and he’d never change who he was. At the same time, he didn’t want Sophia to change her life’s goals. If she really, truly desired to set up a practice in Las Vegas, he’d find a way to visit her. He’d find a way to monopolize their family’s privately-owned plane.

Was he getting ahead of himself?

Yeah, he knew it before he could stop his thoughts from going into the future with Sophia. My bad, I just want…

He just wanted what every man he cared about, in his life, had found—that amazing greatness. That one girl you hold on to, because you can’t imagine your life without her.

Fuck. Liam gave in to a moment of panic.

What if he’d found her, and she decided to go her own way?