Skating the Line:San Francisco Strikers, book 2

By: Stephanie Kay
San Francisco Strikers, book 2


There are so many people to thank that I don’t know where to start.

To Chelsea Kuhel, my awesome editor, thank you for polishing up my writing and catching every word I missed. And I’m so sorry for not listing you in the acknowledgements in Unmatched. See what happens when I don’t list the acknowledgements in the version of the book I send to you!

To Iveta Cvrkal, proofreader extraordinaire, thank you for finding every comma I missed…I hate commas!

To Caitlin Fry, my fantastic cover artist. This cover is perfect for Ben and Amanda.

To Samantha Wayland for getting me hooked on hockey. Bet you didn’t think I’d get this obsessed this quickly! Can’t wait for our next hockey road trip, you know, for research purposes. Maybe we can run into another AHL team on the road and recognize them by their outstanding asses.

To Aven Ellis, for your awesome blurb skills and for helping me try not to over-analyze everything. I’m a work in progress.

To my critique partner, Susie Warren, thank you for your helpful and speedy feedback.

To my new and fantastic beta readers, Elaine, Sita, Janel and Megan. Your comments helped immensely and I’m glad you enjoyed Amanda and Ben’s story.

To the Bergy Babes. Thank God for summer hockey.

To the Hearties. Thank you for welcoming me into this group of amazing hockey romance authors and for answering all of my questions. I’m sure I will pester you all with each book.

To my Sassy Strikers. I can’t believe that people want to join my reader group and talk about my books! I know you’re just here for the hockey butts.

To the members of Rhode Island Romance Writers, New England chapter of RWA, New Hampshire chapter of RWA, and all the writers I’ve met in the last decade, thank you for your workshops, conferences, and critiques. I’ve learned so much since I joined RWA. I shudder to think of how horrible that first historical romance is in comparison to my writing now.

To my mom. You and Dad showed me how to have a successful 40+ year marriage through laughter and affection. You’ve also shown me that even in grief, you can become the strongest woman I know. So glad you are finally able to travel the world and have a social life I envy!

To my amazing in-laws, thank you for letting me watch your hysterical Italian family for the last 10+ years. I still think about that first Christmas Eve. After everyone gorged themselves on seafood for dinner, my mother-in-law asked if anyone was hungry, and the family sat down to a lasagna she just had in the fridge and dove in…at eleven p.m.

To my family for always encouraging me to go after my dreams and for your unwavering support, even if most of you don’t read romance novels…I’ll forgive you for that last indiscretion.

And of course, to my husband, John, for more reasons than I can count. You were the one who encouraged me to get back to writing when I was laid off from my day job in 2008. Probably so I would leave you to your books and guitars. Chicken has dried out on the grill and sweet potatoes have been burned because I was working on a scene instead of focusing on dinner, but you never complained…well, not that loudly. And you agreed to let me live out my romance dreams and get married over the anvil in Gretna Green, Scotland, even if you did refuse to wear a kilt. Thank you for loving my craziness and putting up with discussions about the characters in my head not doing what I want them to.

And to my readers, thank you for taking the chance on a new author. I hope I make you laugh out loud and follow your heart.

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Chapter 1

First solo trip overseas and yes, I did agree to tandem jump with a stranger, off a bridge in Costa Rica. Take your adventures where you can. Trying something new can be exhilarating.

~ Adventurous Amanda, August 2011

“Tell me again why we’re here? I mean, I know why I’m here,” Penny said, her eyes focused on the ice as her boyfriend skated past, sending her a wink before knocking a puck into the net.

“If you’re done mentally stripping Ethan, I was just about to explain,” Amanda said, grinning at the flush staining her best friend’s cheeks. Not that she could blame Penny. There was a ton of hotness out on the ice.

“If you knew what was going on under there, you’d be stripping him, too,” Penny shot back, her cheeks flaming brighter and Amanda didn’t hide her chuckle. She loved how happy her friend was. It was about damn time.