Sheikh's Untouched Woman(9)

By: Kylie Knight

“Why not?” He couldn’t understand her. He was prepared to make her a queen and she was refusing.

“That’s simple Raffir. I don’t want to marry you.”

He sat back, thoughtful. “You wanted to…before.”

Her smile was bitter, her tone harsh. “Yeah well you cured me of that delusion, didn’t you?”

His sigh was weary, angry. “Is it always going to come back to that?”

“It will if you keep talking marriage.” She had no desire to marry him or anyone else anymore and thinking about it will only lead her back into the hole she recently climbed out of. No thank you.

Raffir sat back and pushed his plate away in frustration. “What do you suggest then Serena? I plan to see my son and be in his life so if you won’t marry me, then what?”

“That’s how you see everything isn’t it, all or nothing?” She stood and grabbed the folder she’d been working on. “I will come to Maju-ul for six months so you can see Rafa when you are free. After that we’ll reevaluate things.” The last thing she wanted to do was go to his home country and watch as he picked out a wife, married her and became Sheikh. But for Rafa she would.

“What things will need to be reevaluated six months from now?” He didn’t want a half a year with Rafael only to lose him all over again.

“Well you’ll be married soon and I doubt having a love child running around Maju-ul will go over well with the Queen or the people.” She wouldn’t stick around and become a rumor or a dirty little secret.

“No! I won’t be away from my son, I can’t.” It would be torturous to get to know him and fall in love with him only to have him ripped from his arms.

“You don’t get to make all the decisions here Raffir. I’m willing to move to a country where I know no one, don’t speak the language and will have to find new work so you can have time with Rafa but still that isn’t enough. Well you can take it or bloody leave it, damn you!”

She was right. He was being unreasonable, but this was his son. “You can stay at the palace and I will take care of you. That should make this easier.”

Arms crossed she shook her head. “That is not happening. I will find my own place for us to live and I will pay for it.” She would not depend on Raffir ever again. “Rafa will be there for you. I will be there for him.”

Damn she looked beautiful when she was protecting their son. Her green eyes were flaming with fury, her skin luminescent in the warmth of the kitchen and chest heaving, she looked magnificent. He’d never been more attracted to any woman than he was to Serena in this moment. “Fine.”

A week later Serena was in one of the private jets that belonged to the al-Jazzari family and it was incredible. The seats were made of the softest leather and there were two bedrooms at the back of the plane with a shower. One room had been outfitted for a baby, with a crib, changing station and more toys than any baby would need in one lifetime. Several servants were on board to make sure Serena never had to lift a finger, which was nice after taking care of herself for so long. But it would get old after awhile.

She drew the line when one of the servants tried to take Rafael and put him down for his nap. She would take care of her son herself just as she had been doing since she found out she was pregnant. She would not rely on servants that she would never have again to do things she could do for herself. “No thank you,” she smiled when the woman tried to take Rafa from her arms. “I can do it myself,” she shouted at the persistent woman.

“You are allowed to relax Serena.” He found it amusing that she didn’t want to let anyone help.

“If I need help I will seek it out.” She refused to get used to all of this luxury and assistance. It would make it that much harder to get back to her normal life.

Raffir chuckled. “He is my son too Serena, which means he will have these luxuries at his disposal. Get used to it.”

She shook her head. “No I won’t. He can get used to that when he spends time with you, with me he will live my life.” She could see it now, Raffir lavishing gifts on Rafa that she could never afford. Every toy imaginable, fine cars, tailored clothes and globe hopping vacations. Her shoulders slumped in defeat. She would lose her son eventually.

“Fine Serena.” He didn’t understand why she had to make everything so difficult. He was only trying to help. “If you need anything just ask.”

The jet began its descent and she turned her attention out the window while Raffir slept peacefully in her arms. The beautiful red and gold dessert below was breathtaking. In the center of the colorful dessert was a cluster of modern buildings, skyscrapers and in the distance a gigantic palace. “Is that your home?”