Sheikh's Untouched Woman(7)

By: Kylie Knight

“Raffi,” she panted, her hips rolling on their own as his fingers played in the moisture gathering between her legs. She had been embarrassed by the wetness but somehow, Raffi was turned on by it. She’d tried to close her legs but he was stronger.

“Don’t be shy now love. I’ve tasted your sweet nectar and I know you crave my touch.” She couldn’t deny that, she was growing to crave everything about this man. When he rubbed his erection over her most sensitive area she screamed out an oath that made him laugh. “That’s right, let it out.”

When he entered her in one smooth thrust she cried out. “Oh,” the pain she felt overriding every other sensation. One tear slipped out and she squeezed her eyes shut, praying for the pain to subside so Raffi would continue his sensual torture.

Raffi stilled, hardly believing what had just happened. The barrier he’d so carelessly ripped through proved him to be a cynical bastard and her to be exactly what she portrayed herself to be. “I’m sorry my love, so sorry.” He leaned his forehead against hers, kissed her nose and her heart shaped mouth. “I didn’t know.”

The pain had subsided and she was beginning to feel the pleasure take over her body. “Don’t stop now Raffi,” she urged. She was still hurt he’d thought her an easy woman but she couldn’t let her first time be an abbreviated version of the real thing. Raffi would make her feel good, would make this good for them both and dammit, she wanted him to. She watched the guilt transform to a hazy lust as his hips began to move back and forth, increasing her pleasure and moisture with every stroke. He murmured how tight she was, how he loved how wet she was and his words washed over her, made her feel as sexy as he said. Then she was trembling underneath him as a floating sensation took over her body and she was floating away. Only Raffi held her down, tethered her to the earth as his own passion carried him away.

It had been the single most exciting night of her life.

It was those memories that killed her and kept her heart’s shattered pieces locked up tight for the world. Only Rafa was the beneficiary of all the love she had to give. He got all her genuine smiles, hugs and kisses. It was his chubby face that made her days brighter and made the past hurt just a little bit less each day.

She couldn’t wait to get home to see her little man.

Several days had passed and Raffi was still shaken by that kiss with Serena on the street as well as her parting words to him. The rest of me knows better. Had he been such a bad partner to her? He had bought her designer clothes and put her up in a gorgeous flat overlooking the Eiffel Tower yet she acted like he’d mistreated her in some way. You crushed me. God he couldn’t get those words out of his head. He had crushed her.

He’d known Serena was fond of him because she talked as if she had been in love with him, but she’d never said a word to him. She was an infatuated young woman, but he had to admit she hadn’t been infatuated with his wealth. She’d often chided him for his extravagant gifts and she had left them all behind when she left.

Raffir didn’t know if there was anything left to say to Serena. She was clear that she wanted nothing to do with him so maybe he should honor her wishes even if it was the last thing he wanted. Strolling the Botanic Gardens on his own wasn’t exactly a stimulating activity, but he’d needed the solitude to clear his head. He didn’t care about the colorful flowers and vibrant green plants along the walk, he needed to get over his obsession with Serena.

He still wanted her, that scorching hot kiss proved that. But was there any way to change her opinion of him? He didn’t know because Raffir al-Jazzari didn’t have to work hard to get women. They threw themselves at him, did whatever he wanted in hopes of catching a few shiny baubles, exotic vacations and fancy clothing. He’d given all that and more to Serena but it hadn’t been enough. She’d wanted him.

If she only wanted him she could want him again. You crushed me. But he couldn’t marry her, she was a foreigner and that would cause more problems than he’d need once he became Sheikh of Maju-ul. There had only ever been one royal who wasn’t of Maju-ul blood and it had taken the people more than two years to warm up to her, his great grandmother. He shook off the thoughts as silly because they were. He couldn’t marry Serena and she wanted nothing to do with him.

He turned down a path with tons of large trees, offering shaded relief from the hot day. The gardens were fairly quiet today for which he was grateful. The last thing he wanted was the interruption of unruly children and their obnoxious parents clouding up his mind. But then he heard laughter belonging to a small child and a woman and the sound brought a smile to his face.