Sheikh's Untouched Woman(6)

By: Kylie Knight

“I bought it for you.”

“No, you didn’t. You bought it for a mistress, not me.”

“You don’t understand, it is very common for a man of my status.”

“I don’t care Raffir. It’s over so there’s no point going back there.” She stood and tossed her cup in the bin. “Now I’ve accepted your apology and listened to your excuses, I mean explanations. We’re done, right?”

“No. I hate that you don’t smile at me Serena, you don’t even want to be around me.”

If only he knew that she’d tried to hate him but she couldn’t. He was the first man she’d ever loved, ever shared her body with. The first man to break her heart. She wished she could hate him but even if he wasn’t even more gorgeous today, she wouldn’t hate him. She feared she would always love him. “Can you blame me? The last time I was with you I was crushed and I’m not eager for more.”

He watched her smack the door open and turn her face toward the sunny blue sky. She was still as beautiful as she ever was. He stood and went after her, his long strides quickly closing the distance between them. A quick tug on her wrist and her body was flush against his. “I’m very eager for more of you Serena.” Before she could respond he fitted his mouth to hers, determined to make her succumb, to admit she still burned for him the way he did for her. Raffi devoured her mouth, laid claim to it with seductive swipes of his tongue, nips on her lips. His fingers twined in her fiery locks, pulling softly so he could deepen the kiss. When her body relaxed against him, he smiled against her lips and took a few minutes to savor her flavor, her taste.

Damn she missed that mouth. But it was that mouth that said the words that broke her heart and shattered her faith in love and relationships. That thought brought her to her senses and she stiffened under him and pulled back. “Happy now?”

His smug smile said it all. “Very. Now we can take this back to my hotel.”

She took a few steps back, shaking her head. “No we can’t. I’m going home. Goodbye.”

“Dammit Serena, why do you deny your desire for me?”

“Raffir you taught me everything I know about sex and sexual attraction, my body will likely always respond to you. The rest of me knows better.” She turned and took hurried steps away until she could no longer feels his eyes on her back.


Serena made the walk back to her car like the walking dead, not feeling or seeing or hearing any of the activity around her. The only thing she could focus on was every step that took her closer to her car without letting a tear fall. She couldn’t cry, not now and not over him. Not again.

How could I have been so stupid? She couldn’t believe she’d let him kiss her and had actually kissed him back. It was the one thing guaranteed to renew the hurt because it brought back the memories she couldn’t forget no matter how hard she tried. Those kisses made her think of Paris, of the romance she’d experienced for the very first time. His soft lips made her think of a time when she felt loved, cherished, important to someone. Now she knew it was a lie but her memories didn’t know the heartache, hadn’t felt it as viscerally as she had.

Now her memories were caught up in the past.

After two weeks of nonstop togetherness she’d summoned the courage to take things further. “I’d like you to take me to bed tonight,” she said as she fidgeted with the opal ring her grandmother had given her.

Raffi nodded, his gaze thoughtful and full of desire. “Ah Serena my love, I am glad we can finally dispense with these games.”

She remembered frowning in confusion. “Games?”

He stood and cupped her face, feathering a light kiss on her lips. “Come now Serena, a woman of your beauty and grace, that inherent sensuality. Surely we can stop the innocent act, can’t we?”

She was torn between the lust he was evoking in her and anger at his cynical words. “I don’t know what you mean Raffi but if you aren’t interested just say that, don’t accuse me of things I haven’t done.”

“Accuse, no,” he said and his finger trailed down her throat and between her breasts. “Simply stating facts as I see them.”

Her breaths were coming in quick shallow pants now but goodness she wanted to smack that man in his smug gorgeous face. “You had better double check your facts, Prince Raffir al-Jazzari,” she spat at him.

“I guess we’ll see then, won’t we?” After those words very few had been spoken. Raffi had laid her down across her small bed, stripped her naked and spent an hour stroking her body with his magic tongue. Then she’d finally gotten a glimpse of his magnificent body when he removed his standard uniform, a dark suit with a white shirt. His bronze skin was the perfect showcase for rippling muscles that bunched and curled with every sly step as he stalked to the bed. His big body covered hers and the sensation was so overwhelming she gasped and shuddered as his warmth spread over her.