Sheikh's Untouched Woman(10)

By: Kylie Knight

Raffir smiled and leaned over her to gaze at the palace out the window. “Yes. That is the Grand Palace of Maju-ul, home of the royal family.” He sat back and watched her face. “The palace has 112 rooms, 37 bathrooms, an indoor pool and gym, a library, billiards room, several offices and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. It’s too big but the Sheikh used to take as many as a dozen wives and the rooms were needed. These days, it’s just a jobs program, really.”

“Nice,” she mumbled. The palace was beautiful on the outside with a domed roof, gold plated window frames and a beautiful reflecting pool leading to the front door. It was beautiful but it was also…too much.

It was going to be a long six months.


Raffir was in love. With each day that passed he was falling deeper in love with his son Rafael. The boy was adorable and fun and so smart. Every night after work, he showed up at Serena’s new house and spent time with his son. They weren’t able to do much, but he really enjoyed bath time and story time. He never knew how fun it was to be a father, since his father hadn’t made time for these things. They had servants for that.

“Thank you Serena, for allowing me into your home every day to be with my son.” He was so grateful, more than he could ever say.

She shrugged and picked up toys around the house. “That’s why I’m here Raffir.”

Unfortunately Serena had not warmed up to him at all. She was cordial to him but she never asked him about his day or his life at the palace. She kept him updated on all things Rafa and kept her distance when he came for a visit. He hated it. The more time he spent with her the more he was sure that Serena was the woman he wanted by his side. “Thank you anyway.”

“You’re welcome.” She kept her back to him so her stupid body wouldn’t respond to him. She knew coming to Maju-ul would be a problem since she hadn’t gotten over him yet. And seeing him every evening was as hard as those first few days after she’d left Paris. His dark hair was a little longer than it should be but

the waves were a sexy contrast to his sparkling golden eyes. His tan skin always glistened from the heat but he was always the sexiest man she’d ever seen up close.

“Let’s talk Serena.”

She turned with a sigh. “What would you like to talk about?”

He patted the seat on the sofa. “Come sit and tell me how you’re settling in to Maju-ul.”

“I’m doing fine Raffir. Work and Rafa keeps me busy.” She found translation work online, translating documents and webpages for international corporations. In between Rafa’s needs she worked and cooked and cleaned. It wasn’t the best life but it was just a few more months.

“That doesn’t sound like much of a life Serena. Have you made no friends?”

“Well I may not be royalty Raffir but it’s the only life I have so I deal with it.” She stood, not wanting to have this conversation.

He followed her into the kitchen. “I didn’t mean anything by it, love. I’m just worried about you because you seem unhappy.”

She turned to face him and gasped at his nearness. “I’m not happy or unhappy, I just am. I made this compromise for Rafa’s happiness so nothing else matters.”

He stroked her face softly with the back of his hand. “It matters to me. I never wanted you to be unhappy. Ever.”

Her resolve was weakening and she needed him to leave now. “I don’t need you to worry about me. Just focus on Rafa and your royal duties.” His father was getting older and she knew he would have to take a wife soon before he could take the throne.

“I can’t help it Serena. I care for you, deeply.”

“Don’t say that to me Raffir, it’s not fair. Please.”

“I can’t help how I feel Serena. The more time I spend with you the more certain I am that I made a huge mistake in Paris.” He knew it back then but his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit it.

She looked up at him and his hands cupped her face, she held her breath as he slowly came closer to her. He was going to kiss her and dammit she was going to let him. “Raffi,” she whispered moments before his lips touched down on hers.

When she whispered his name as she used to call it, Raffi, his passion for her erupted into a ball of fiery lust and passion he could no longer contain. He wanted this woman more than he’d ever wanted a woman and he would have her. His lips took hers roughly, letting her know who she belonged to while giving her such pleasure she moaned into his mouth. He felt his body stiffen as her arms snaked around his neck and pulled him closer, taking over the kiss on her terms. His hands tightened on her firm ass, pulling her closer to where he wanted her most. Raffir grabbed her and lifted until her legs wrapped around his waist, leaving nothing but a scrap of lace between them.