Sheikh's Hired Mistress(9)

By: Sophia Lynn & Ella Brooke

“Honestly,” she said, shaking her head.

“Oh? We weren’t being honest before?” Aziz tilted his head.

“No, I mean that if I looked like you, I honestly wouldn’t wear clothing. Ever.” She smiled up at him.

“You look lovely yourself.” Aziz touched her side, and then slid his hand over her hip and around her backside, where it stayed.

Emboldened, Laine smoothed her palms along Aziz’s chest, exploring the feel of him. Aziz leaned down and kissed her. Laine returned the kiss once, then twice. Meeting Aziz’s proud green eyes, she sat back and slowly slipped off her bra. His eyes grew wider, taking her in like a sculpture. His hand moved up her side and then stopped, cupping one plump breast tenderly. He bowed over and began to kiss her there.

Laine let her head fall back and sighed softly, running her fingers through his hair, and he worshiped her chest like a new convert. His kisses moved down to her belly as he held the small of her back, encouraging her to arch it, to lie against the soft, velvety cushions and let him pleasure her. After he made his way down her stomach, his hand pushed down her panties and squeezed her hip. Laine’s thighs began to quiver as Aziz proceeded to devour her.

Her only thought, flitting through her head as her hips bucked involuntarily in response to the cunning ministrations of Aziz’s tongue, was to wonder if the limo had a soundproof panel between the expansive compartment they were defiling and the driver’s seat. She had always been quiet during sex, but somehow Aziz brought out of her noises that hardly seemed human.

Her gasps and moans grew louder, her breathing more ragged, until she came and her muscles all tensed. Aziz didn’t stop. He just kept going, hands clutching her ass, as though he had no need to breathe whatsoever. Laine’s fingers were grabbing his hair, she realized as she began to calm down, and she let go.

“Oh, God. Oh, thank you, wow…” Laine babbled. She could still feel her muscles twitching down there, so excited from the workout Aziz had just put them through.

Aziz looked up with a smirk and a chuckle. “Thank you?” He pressed a kiss to the inside of Laine’s thigh. “That’s a bit formal, all after this, isn’t it?”

Laine breathed deeply, rubbing her hand up and down her belly and trying to compose herself. She pushed herself up with one hand and looked down at Aziz, amazed that he was so willing to kneel before her.

“Then maybe I should just show you how I feel?” Laine asked. She bent over to kiss Aziz, petting his cheek, and guided him to sit.

“I think I like the view even better from here.” Aziz reached up and rubbed up and down her sides.

“You’re going to make me insecure about my love handles,” Laine complained, folding her arms over her stomach.

“I’m vague on what those actually are, but there is nothing about you I would change. The sway of your hips, the feel of your flesh, your breasts that sit there, so heavy and round, and perfectly formed.” Aziz gave her ass a squeeze. “It is like you were shaped just for me.”

“Is it?” Laine straddled his legs and sat on his lap.

Their lips met again. She cupped his face with both hands, while he held her in place, hands underneath each buttock where they joined her legs. There was no stopping now. Laine reached down to feel the ample, hardening lump waiting for her beneath his wet briefs. She rubbed against it, until he let out a groan.

“Wait,” he muttered, pulling off his briefs. Finally free, his erection fell lazily forward. Laine slipped her hand over its generous length, giving several long strokes and a twist before rising slowly.

With another grin, Aziz reached into a compartment overhead, and the shiny wrapper of a condom caught Laine’s eye. She was on the pill, but if he were as much of a playboy as he seemed, she appreciated the gesture. She nodded and took it from him, ripping it open with her teeth and then guiding the lubed condom into place. Then, she hooked one arm around the back of Aziz’s neck. Aziz needed no further prompting, and guided his fat erection inside her slick, waiting cavity.

Laine moaned as she engulfed him, slowly lowering herself and relaxing to accommodate his considerable size. She felt so full with him stuffed inside her. But of course, he was a big man, and no part of him failed to share this trait. Aziz grinned at her and petted her back, as though to sooth her moaning.

“But we’ve just started, tiger,” he said to her with a grin.

Laine chuckled then made a growling sound.

With the help of his strong hands, she rose and fell, deliciously impaled on his manhood. Her moans grew low and throaty, and she could feel the sweat dripping down her back. Aziz’s hands gripped her harder and harder, and soon his hips were coming up to meet hers. They were two magnets, drawn together in frenzy and nothing could have stopped them.