Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby(30)

By: Ciara Cole

Feeling her orgasm so powerfully it made his brain matter ignite, Alain rammed in several punishing thrusts as Maya screamed in intense pleasure-pain. She’d told him many times before, how much she enjoyed giving in to her masochistic side and how it made her orgasms more powerful when he wasn’t too gentle in these extreme moments of release. As ever, Alain took care to ensure the right balance, as he took them both higher and higher as if riding winged horses on thundering clouds. Even after a year of being together, Maya still felt the same overwhelming joy when Alain finished inside her, filling her with his warm essence. His body rested on hers and he nuzzled her breasts, while Maya wrapped her arms around his shoulders and tenderly combed through his damp hair. For now, the calm had settled and these precious moments were just as thrilling as those moments when they were locked in passionate throes. It had been a long day, and Maya soon heard Alain’s slowed breathing as he lay cushioned on her full, firm breasts. She smiled and thought to herself that something felt different tonight. Maybe, they’d made another baby?

They had planned to wait till Marcel was at least two years old then they’d try giving him a sister or brother, hopefully the former because Maya knew Alain would want a girl.

But surely there was no real reason to wait? Her pregnancy and delivery had been problem free and Maya knew she had a clean bill of health. Now that they were officially married, Maya couldn’t wait for them to make another addition to their cherished family.

Just as Alain always said he wished to provide her with everything she could possibly need, Maya was just as eager to give Alain that wonderful sense of family and togetherness she’d never really had growing up.

Maya decided to feel Alain out about it as soon as possible. She couldn’t really guess what he’d say, but she had no doubt she could be very convincing.

A mischievous smile spread on her face as Maya thought of how much more interesting the honeymoon would be while trying out her many diverse, naughty means of persuasion to make her doting husband see things her way…