Rosalie's Player(9)

By: Ella Jade

“What?” Rosalie asked.

“You’d be okay with casual?”

“Sure.” Liar! “Like how casual?”

“Ha! You’ve never been around a bunch of sex-crazed athletes on the road. They can get out of hand. Some of them have no problem with the ‘different city, different girl’ rule. It’s a game to them.”

“You think Holt would mess around with other girls with me on the road?” Not that they were exclusive by any stretch of the imagination. They weren’t anything at all to one another. They shared a few steamy moments, but Rosalie couldn’t deny she felt something strong for him.

“That kiss may have meant more to you than it did to him.” Sage thought for a moment, probably trying to choose her words carefully. “I’ve been traveling with the team for a few months. I observe things. I’ve interviewed them on intimate levels and dug into their pasts. I’ve researched their childhood, interviewed family members and friends.”

“You know Holt?”

“I know his type.”

“Do you think he’ll always be a player?” Rosalie asked.

“Always is a long time, but right now, he’s having too much fun to stop.”

“Pax had to be one of the league’s wildest bad-boys, and now he has a wife he adores and a beautiful daughter. Not that I’m looking for something like that with Holt, but...” Bad-boys could be reformed. Not that she wanted to change Holt, but people could settle down with the right incentive.

“Pax is a few years older than Holt. He fell hard for Sophia. I did a feature on their whirlwind romance. It was the stuff dreams are made of, but not every girl who finds a baseball hunk is going to end up married and living the fantasy. I know you, Rosie, you dream big. You want the fantasy. You want what Pax and Soph have. Not what Holt and every other girl in every city has.”

“What’s wrong with that?” She wouldn’t deny she hoped for the whole deal. What girl didn’t?

“Nothing.” Sage patted Rosalie’s hand. “You’re young. Have a good time and worry about the other stuff later.”

“You and Nic are happy and headed in the right direction.”

“We’ve loved one another for a long time. We got sidetracked, but managed to find our way back to one another.”

“With my help,” Rosalie reminded her. “Nic wouldn’t have gotten very far with my stubborn sister if I didn’t work so hard to make you see what you were missing out on.”

“I want to return the favor.” Sage glanced over at the guys laughing and carrying on at the bar. “If you’re in this to have fun, then I say go for it. Just know what you’re getting yourself into before you jump in. You have the whole summer ahead of you. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.”

“Thanks for the sisterly advice.”

“I want you to enjoy this summer. Not everyone gets to travel with a major league baseball team. Most of the guys are great. Just don’t fall for the wrong ones.”


“You’re a smart girl. You’ll figure it out.”

Sage was right. Rosalie tended to have high expectations when it came to romance. She had a picture in her head of the way things were supposed to play out, and that often set her up for failure when it came to guys.

Holt was no prince. That wasn’t a secret. She’d have to make a decision, and fast. Could she be with a man who only wanted to have fun? Would sex with a smoking hot baseball player be enough? She couldn’t answer that for sure. But one thing she was certain of...being with Holt Clemson would make for one hell of a summer.

Chapter 3

Rosalie knocked on the door of the brick, two-story colonial that Ryder and Holt shared. She’d been there once before, the first time she’d visited Kingston. It was a real man cave. They had more beer and protein shakes in the fridge than they did food. A pool table dominated the screened-in, heated porch with a massive flat screen and a hot tub big enough for twelve people.

Her heart raced when she heard footsteps getting closer to the other side of the door. There was a possibility she could run into Holt. It was his house too. What was it about that man that made her so crazy? She let out a slow breath when Ryder answered the door.

“Morning.” He smiled. “Come on in.”

“I don’t have to come in.” She had a better shot of not seeing Holt if she stayed outside. “I could wait out here. Are you ready to go?”

“Come in.” He took her arm and pulled her inside. “Holt’s in the shower.”