Rosalie's Player(6)

By: Ella Jade

“’Cause that’s all it ever is for me.” He winked before turning and leaving. “Safe travels back to school.”

Rosalie Millan was most certainly not his type. She wanted a fairytale, but he was damn sure those didn’t exist. Why was he so pissed off that she was now sitting at a corner table, laughing and getting reacquainted with Ryder? Why did he care? Girls didn’t get to him this way. He wouldn’t allow it.

“Isn’t that Sage’s sister?” Pax asked Nic. “Over there with Ryder.”

“Didn’t take her long.” Nic groaned. “She moved into the cottage today. She’s going to spend the summer in Kingston while she figures out what to do with herself now that she’s graduated college.”

“Trust fund baby.” Holt snorted, trying not to care.

“And you should talk.” Nic finished his beer. “Isn’t your father a senator?”

“Yeah, but I have a career.” His family might be loaded, but Holt made his own way. He didn’t want to rely on his old man for anything. It wasn’t worth it.

“Rosie will too,” Nic said. “There’s nothing wrong with her taking a little break this summer. Sage is bringing her on the road with us. That’s a pretty sweet opportunity.”

Wonderful. Maybe he’d get another shot at her. Letting her get away didn’t sit well with him.

“Then I guess I better go say hello.” He stood from the stool and tossed some cash on the bar to cover his tab. “I don’t want to be rude.”

“Watch your manners, cowboy,” Nic warned. “She’s like my little sister, and I don’t want any of you crass players screwing her over this summer. I’ll be keeping a close eye on a few of you.”

“Hypocrite,” Holt challenged. “It wasn’t that long ago when you and Pax were nailing everything with a pus—”

“Don’t go there.” Pax stopped him. “There are plenty of girls in this bar and on the road. No need to piss Cordova off.”

“We’re cool, dude.” Holt studied his roommate chatting with the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. He remembered why it would never work with her, but that didn’t factor in at the moment. “I’m just gonna say hey.”

* * * *

Rosalie caught Holt staring at her from across the room as she and Ryder took a seat at a hightop bar table. She wanted to smile in his direction, but every time she thought she could, she remembered his hand under her skirt, ripping off her thong and bringing her to the brink of what would be the best experience of her short sexual history. Too bad she couldn’t go through with it. If he had her that worked up before they took their clothes off, she could only imagine what it would be like to make love to him.


“The game was great tonight,” Rosalie said, trying to distract herself. “Awesome play in the third inning.”

“Thanks. I messed that play up once, and after the fans freaked out, I swore I’d never do that again.” Ryder laughed, his boyish looks coming through in his smile. “It was all over Sports Center every hour on some blooper reel.”

“Eww, that must have sucked.”

“Big time.”

“How’s the team?”

“We’re good.” He chuckled as he glanced at the bar. “Holt’s good.”

“I didn’t ask about him.”

“That’s what you want to know.” It wasn’t even a question. Was she that obvious?

The waitress set two bottles of beer in front of them. She lingered for a few seconds, wiping the table and setting a fresh coaster under Ryder’s drink.

“Thanks, Casey.” He watched as she cleaned the table before smiling at him and sauntering away.

“Do you like her?” Rosalie asked.


“The waitress?”

“That’s Casey Bennet. Her dad owns this place. I see her around from time to time.”

“Are you interested?”

“I don’t know.” He leaned back in his chair. “She’s elusive.”

“Be more assertive.”

“I’ll think about it.” He shot her the most adorable grin and she remembered why she enjoyed him so much. “Aren’t you going to say hello to Holt?”

“I will.”

“So what happened between you two back in January?”

“What do you mean?” She puckered her cheeks when she sipped the ale. She wasn’t much of a beer drinker. No matter how much she tried in college, it always tasted so bitter.

“You two seemed to hit it off that night we played pool here. You left with him, but then that was that. Neither of you mentioned the other again.”