Rosalie's Player(5)

By: Ella Jade

What the hell was she doing in town? And how had his roommate become so cozy with her? Holt hadn’t had any contact with her since that night he’d left her sister’s cottage. He was certain she would chase after him when he walked out and they’d hook up a few minutes later. His plan had backfired. That had never happened before. He still wasn’t over the blow his ego had suffered on that chilly January night. No one had ever shot him down before, and his pride wouldn’t allow him to contact her.

“You sure you want to invite me in?” Holt brushed her hair behind her ear. “Knowing there’s only one thing on my mind?”

“I don’t believe you only want one thing from me.”

“You’re right.” He grinned as he looked her over. The things he would do to this woman if given the chance. “I might have a few things on my mind, but they all have to do with you naked and willing.” He took her face between his hands, focusing on her full, pink lips before claiming them. “Still want me here?” He could taste her lip gloss on his mouth as he detected the conflict in her eyes. Most would say she wasn’t his type, but every woman was his type, especially when they looked as fuckable as she did. He wasn’t buying the innocent act. She was just playing hard to get.

She nodded.

“You don’t look too convincing, princess.” He turned her around so that she faced the foyer mirror. He needed to make her understand what the game was. “I don’t do relationships.” He trailed his lips along her neck as he let his words sink in. “I do sex.”

“Then do it.” She trembled when he skimmed his hand under her skirt, seeking out her panties. They would have to go, he thought as he held the side of her thong in his hand and ripped it from her. When she sucked in a quick breath, her eyes widened in the reflection of the mirror. He had her now.

“See, I’m not like those guys at Yale—all refined and gentleman like.” He smoothed his hand down her ass and between her legs. “I take what I want with no regrets.”

“What do you want?”

“This.” He brushed her sex, growing harder when her arousal soaked his fingers. “I can’t give you what you think you want, but I can give you everything you need.”

She was a dreamer. They’d only known one another a few days, but in that time he’d learned enough about her to know she had high standards when it came to relationships. She was obsessed with Nic and Sage. Always going on about how they were meant for one another. There was nothing wrong with her living in a fantasy world, as long as she knew he was never going to be that guy. The romantic one who would promise her the world and disappoint her in the end anyway. He was honest from the get-go.

He continued to finger her, delighting in those sexy noises she made. “So what do you think?” He pulled out of her, waiting for the answer he wanted to hear. “Can you play my way?” He ran his finger over her lips, almost coming undone when she sucked her arousal from him. “On my terms?”

“I can handle you.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind you can handle me physically.” He turned her to face him. “You’re the hottest babe I’ve ever met. A walking sex dream.” He smirked, but it was true. He’d had plenty of women, but none as sexy as this little kitten. “It’s here.” He touched her forehead. “And here.” He set his hand over her heart, noting how fast it beat. “Those are the places you won’t be able to handle me.”

She didn’t say anything, but he knew he had her all twisted and confused. He hoped she would make the right choice and take him to her bed.

“I’m not hearts and flowers, princess.” He lowered his lips to hers, making sure she was clear on who he was and what he wanted. “Not now, not ever.”

She held his stare with her mesmerizing gray eyes. Fuck! It would be so easy to give this girl anything and everything she asked for. She could demand it of him and he’d do it. That was new.

“Do you still want me to stay?” Say you do. Don’t make me go. We can find a common ground.

“No,” she whispered.

Fuck me! He’d never heard that word before.

“Not if it’s only going to be about sex.”

What else is there? “I can respect that.” He kissed her softly, cursing the fact that he would be heading out the door instead of to the bedroom. “I don’t like it, but I can respect it.”

“Why are you so sure it will only be about sex?”

Don’t try to persuade me, kitten.