Rosalie's Player(4)

By: Ella Jade

“I think he’s finally accepted your relationship.” Their father hadn’t approved of Sage and Nic’s relationship when they were younger, but now that the two had found their way back to each other after their long break-up, he had no choice but to accept it. “He likes Nic.”

“It’s about time.” Sage motioned toward the car. “Let me help you bring some of these bags in.”

“Thanks.” When Rosalie stepped out onto the porch, she breathed in the clean spring air. So many possibilities here in Kingston, she thought. A new life was waiting for her in this town. First stop...Bennet’s Pub.

Chapter 2

The Crushers managed to hold on to the lead the last two innings and win their fourth game in a row. Holt pitched seven solid innings before relief was brought in. Not bad, he thought as he slugged back a beer and took in the sights around the bar. Nothing new was happening tonight. The same girls who were there after last week’s home game were there again. Going on the road was looking more appealing. New city, new chicks.

“Hey.” Paxton Hughes, the star pitcher of the Crushers, pulled up a seat at the bar. Holt had been signed to fill in while Pax recovered from a shoulder injury. Holt admired Pax and appreciated all the help the accomplished pitcher offered while he was on the disabled list. “Great game. You made those changes we discussed. Your delivery was perfect.”

“Thanks, man.” He motioned for the bartender to bring them a round. “You were right about my curve ball.”

“It just needed to be tweaked.” Pax yawned as he picked up the bottle of beer the bartender placed in front of him.



“I guess a new baby will do that to you.”

Pax and his wife, Sophia, recently had a baby girl. Pax had been famous for his partying ways. An inspiration to guys like Holt, but somehow he had settled down, becoming a husband and father over the course of a year.

“She’s great, but doesn’t like to sleep through the night.” Pax sipped his beer. “I try to give Soph a break so she can sleep when I’m not on the road.”

“Have they cleared you to pitch yet?” Holt asked.

Once they put Pax back in the pitching rotation, Holt might not get as much play time, but he hated to see such a legend sitting out. Pax was a role model to up-and-comings like Holt. They were only a few years apart in age, but Pax had already won a World Series and the Cy Young award before he got injured. At twenty-five, Holt was well on his way to following in the seasoned player’s professional footsteps.

“I have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor next week. We’ll see. In the meantime, you keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Why aren’t you home with the lovely Sophia and that gorgeous baby girl who looks just like her mother, might I add?” Nic Cordova, the team’s second baseman, took a seat next to Pax. “What are you doing here?”

“Sophia says I hover when I’m home. I overcompensate for being on the road, or something like that.” Pax smiled. “She told me to grab a beer with the guys.”

“You’ve got one hell of a woman,” Nic said. “You’re a lucky son-of-a-bitch.”

“Don’t I know it.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. “Want to see some new pictures of Ariella?”

“Of course.” Nic nodded. “Sage stopped by your house last week. She said little Miss Ari is beautiful.”

“She’s stolen my heart.” Pax handed Nic the phone. “Just swipe through. But I’m warning you, there’s a ton of them.”

Holt wondered how a guy like Pax had settled down after years of wild nights and even wilder women. Not only did Holt look up to him on the field, but the stories he’d heard about his mentor were notorious. Pax was a player. Now, as Holt watched him show Nic pictures of his kid, he couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened.

Whatever. It wasn’t his business.

As he tuned out his teammate’s family talk, he looked around the bar. It was dead tonight. The rest of the team was trickling in, chatting about the game and ordering drinks. He spotted his roommate, Ryder, in the corner of the bar, checking his text messages and looking around the room. Just as he was about to go join him, he saw him smile at someone. Holt followed Ryder’s stare. No fucking way.

Ryder crossed the room, stopping to wrap his arms around Rosalie Millan. He lifted her up and spun her around, hiking up her short skirt and giving Holt an eyeful of the bottom of her creamy ass cheeks. What he wouldn’t give to have some of that.