Rosalie's Player(10)

By: Ella Jade


“In case you’re worried about bumping into him.”

“I’m not.” She looked around. “Why would I be?”

“Well, the whole bar saw that kiss last night so...”

“Whatever.” She waved her hand in his direction, acting as if it wasn’t a big deal. People kiss. She was sure Holt didn’t give it a second thought. He never said another word to her all night. “Ready?”

“Almost.” He held up his cell. “I gotta call my sister back. She and her boys are coming to see the team play in New York when we’re there, and I want to make sure she got the tickets.”

“No problem. I bet your nephews are excited to see you play.”

“Yeah, they think it’s cool. I’m going to their school to take pictures and sign stuff. I can’t wait. I don’t get to see them that much during the season. With their dad being deployed, I like to be around as often as I can.”

“That’s really sweet of you.” She motioned to his phone. “Make your call. I’ll wait.”

“Thanks.” He headed upstairs. “Make yourself at home. I’ll try not to be too long, but my sister can get motherly on me. Likes to make sure I’m eating right and all that.”

“I hear you.” She had one of those motherly-type sisters too. “Big sisters mean well.”

She walked over to the floor-length windows in the living room. The trendy house had a spectacular view of the lake and the running trails where most of the team trained. Sage said it was a challenging place to run, but Rosalie couldn’t wait for Ryder to show her the paths.

“Waiting for me, kitten?”

A breath caught in her throat when she turned around to find Holt leaning against the kitchen counter in nothing but a dark gray towel. Her mouth went dry as a flutter of heat spread along her skin. The black ink she’d spied the night before sprawled over the left side of his chest and down his ribcage, dipping under the towel. How far did those intricate lines and swirls go?


“You look surprised to see me.” He poured a cup of steaming hot coffee into a Crushers mug.

“I’m not. You do live here, so the chances of running into you are very probable.” Stop babbling.

“Hmm.” He sipped his coffee. “Want a cup?”

“No thanks.” She tried not to focus on his bare chest and abs, but she was failing miserably. “I’m waiting for Ryder.”

“He may be a few minutes.” He brought the mug to his mouth again, forcing her attention to his lips. “His sister can talk.”

“I’m not in a rush.” She moved closer to where he stood. “You disappeared last night before I could say goodbye.”

“You were busy with your sister. Pitching takes it out of me, so I made it an early night.”

His dark hair was still damp from the shower, and she could smell the spicy scent of his soap as it permeated between them. His jaw was smooth, freshly shaven. Her fingers itched to touch his clean face.

“I run every morning at seven.” He stared, taking his time to study her.

“Is that an invitation?”

“Since you’re going to be here anyway, you may as well get up and run with me.”

“Why would I...” She laughed when she realized he assumed she’d be sleeping with him. “You’re quite the talker.”

“I’m stating the obvious. It’s only going to be a matter of time before we’re doing it, so stop acting like what I’m saying is so shocking.” He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her toward him. “Don’t fight it.” He set the mug down on the counter. “Go with it.”

“Why are you being so persistent? A few months ago you walked away with no problem.”

“I made a mistake.” He rested his gaze on her cleavage. “I thought you’d be easy to walk away from, but I was wrong, and I’m willing to admit that.”

“But you haven’t changed your mind about it being nothing more than sex?”

“No.” He dipped his head to kiss her neck. “I promise the sex will be really good though.”

“I’m sure it would be, but—”

“Shh.” He slid his hand up her stomach and over her breasts. Her nipples hardened in response. “I know you feel this. Every time we’re together it gets harder to hold back.”

She couldn’t deny that. “We have chemistry,” she agreed. “Lots of people do, but they don’t have to act on it.”

“We already are.” He nudged her flush against his hard form. “Feel what you’re doing to me.”