Rosalie's Player

By: Ella Jade

(The Kingston Heat Series Book 3)


A special thanks to Regina Ross for naming our newest player.

Chapter 1

Rosalie Millan pulled up to the cozy cottage she now called home. The place belonged to her sister, Sage, but since Sage had moved in with her boyfriend, it made sense for Rosalie to take it over. She had graduated from Yale two weeks earlier, but didn’t have any career plans as of yet. Joining Sage for the summer while Rosalie figured out what she wanted to do with her life seemed like a good plan. One that she hoped to make the most of.

She had spent some time in Kingston over Christmas break and met a few members of the town’s major league baseball team, the Kingston Crushers. Keeping in touch with the short stop, Ryder Stanton, over the last few months kept her connected to the town. He turned out to be a good friend.

When she unlocked the door to her new home and stepped inside, the scent of the lavender roses that were left on the table by the patio doors across the room filled the air. Once inside, she caught her reflection in the large, oval mirror that hung above the foyer table. The entryway triggered a strong memory. One that had been buried ever since leaving in January, but she had been unsuccessful at keeping it hidden.

While spending the break with Sage and her boyfriend, Nic, Rosalie had become taken with Holt Clemson, the pitcher with the golden arm, and the looks to make any girl drop her panties on command. Well, maybe not any girl. Somehow, Rosalie had resisted his charisma. She’d spent many sleepless nights wondering why she hadn’t lowered her inhibitions and done all sorts of wicked things with the dark-haired, blue-eyed, wild southern boy. Every other girl he’d flashed those incredibly white teeth at probably had.

He had been blessed with sinfully good looks, a deep voice laced with a slow Texas drawl, and a body that even the most conditioned athletes would envy. Plus, he came from money, and lots of it. His only drawback was his delivery.

Holt pushed Rosalie against the foyer table, pinning her with his muscular thighs. Her head spun from the shots she’d done at Bennet’s Bar. They had played pool with some of the team, drinking and having a good time. Holt didn’t drink because he was driving, so he offered to take Rosalie back to the cottage after he dropped a few of the other guys off. Sage was spending the night with Nic, so the place was all theirs.

“You sure you want to invite me in?” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Knowing there’s only one thing on my mind?”

“I don’t believe you only want one thing from me.” She took a deep breath, adamant he’d felt the connection they’d shared the two times they’d seen one another. Despite his bad-boy reputation, Rosalie still wanted to be with him.

“You’re right.” He grinned as he looked her over. “I might have a few things on my mind, but they all have to do with you naked and willing.” He took her face between his hands and kissed her hard, his tongue swirling inside her mouth to mingle with hers. “Still want me here?” He released her and waited for an answer. His full lips glistened with her lip gloss.

She nodded.

“You don’t look too convincing, princess.” He turned her around so that she faced the foyer mirror. “I don’t do relationships.” He trailed his lips along the rapidly pulsing vein on her neck. “I do sex.”

“Then do it.” Her legs quivered when he slipped his hand down the side of her jacket and under her skirt. He didn’t break eye contact with her in the glass as he yanked her thong in his hand and jerked at it, ripping it from her.

She gasped at his quick action.

“See, I’m not like those guys at Yale—all refined and gentleman like.” He moved his hand down her bare backside and between her legs. “I take what I want with no regrets.”

“What do you want?” Her voice cracked when she realized she may have bitten off more than she could chew with a guy like Holt. She didn’t know much about him. She’d watched the women at the bar flock to him, and got a thrill when he ignored them and paid attention to her.

“This.” He slid his fingers inside her wet heat, moving them in and out as he squeezed her breast with his other hand. “I can’t give you what you think you want, but I can give you everything you need.”

She clenched around his fingers, rocking into his hand. God, am I going to come right in the doorway of my sister’s cottage?

She gripped the edge of the table as he stepped closer to her, pressing his erection into her backside.

“So what do you think?” he asked. When he withdrew his fingers, she sighed in frustration. “Can you play my way?” He ran his wet finger over her lips, pushing her mouth open so she could taste her arousal. He stared at her in the mirror, waiting for her to answer. “On my terms?”