Quarterback's Unwanted Baby(6)

By: Nicki Jackson

Gasping as he slowed his thrusts, his mouth lowering to her swaying breasts, he sucked on a nipple while his lower body continued to plunge faster, in shorter thrusts. A cry escaped her lips with every land of his shaft in her core. She yanked her hands free from his grasp and clutched his shoulders, then his biceps, the bulging muscles her weakness. She stroked them lovingly, then was forced to dig her fingers into the bulge as Gerard’s hips pumped faster and deeper.

“Hartford, baby.” He slammed inside her, circling his hips, the root of his shaft grinding her clit again and again. She came, whining and juddering, her skin covered with a sheen of sweat. Her insides suckled at his shaft, and he clenched his teeth to keep from cumming.

He dragged out quickly and turned her to her side, spooning her body. One arm over her breasts, he hooked her leg over his body and pushed his shaft up inside her from behind. His pelvis slammed against her hips, and she whined, jolted forward by the force of his lunge. He dragged her hips closer, winding an arm around her lower waist, and twisted her face sideways to seize her mouth.

His thrusts deep, landing brutally against her, she let him make love to her in the punitive, hurried, greedy way she loved. It was as if he could never have enough of her, as if he were straining and he’d die if he didn’t have every inch of her right then and there. She clutched his arm tighter when he released her mouth and bit her shoulder. Grunting, pinning her with an animalistic bite, he shuddered and spilled his cum inside her.

The hot spurts seared her insides. She pushed her hips back in need, wanting to keep him inside. When he was finally emptied of his lust, he pulled his shaft out of her wetly and drew her over his chest.

His chest was rising and falling in rapid breathing, while she closed her eyes and reveled in the sound of his heart beating. His fingers pushed through her hair to stroke her scalp.

They waited until their breaths calmed, and then Gerard glanced down at her face. “I love you, Hart.”

“I love you more.”

“Promise me you’ll stay with me forever,” he whispered in her ear.

Hartford opened her mouth to speak but shut it. Her fears came back to haunt her with glaring reality: Gerard a football pro in Seattle, while she studied day and night in Baltimore. She pushed her face into his chest and hugged him with all the questions and worries in her heart.

“I promise I’m all yours,” she said instead.

She had to be practical. She had to prepare herself for the unthinkable. She couldn’t control the distance and the estrangement, but she had full command over her feelings. For as long as she lived, she would always be Gerard’s girl, even though she was terrified that the long-distance relationship would break them apart.

Chapter Two

Hartford sat on the edge of her bed, in the small apartment she shared with two friends. She stared at the door, her heart beating in palpitating, uneven rhythms. She clutched the test between her fingers, not glancing at it again. It was the third pregnancy test she’d taken that morning, and nothing was going to change the fact that she was indeed pregnant.

The first thought she had was her residency at John Hopkins. The second was Gerard’s career in football that was just getting started. Then it hit her. Gerard wouldn’t be around. She lay back on the bed, the pregnancy test dropping to the floor as she turned to her side, and a soft whimpering sound left her mouth. She clenched her eyes shut.

Pregnant. A baby. Gerard’s baby.

Warmth seeped through her, and she scrambled onto her feet, kicking off her sleep shorts and pulling on the pair of denim shorts she’d taken off last night. Her germaphobe self was dying a little in that moment; they was supposed to go into the laundry, but she couldn’t be bothered finding something else to wear. She grabbed her bag and cell phone, then yanked her bedroom door open.

Her roommate Christy stood right on the other side, her hand lifted to knock. She smiled widely. “I was just going to…”

“I can’t talk right now. Have to see Gerard.”

Christy’s smile faded. “Are you okay?”

Hartford’s heart skipped a beat, and she avoided meeting her best friend’s gaze. “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” She was not ready to talk about it, not to anyone but Gerard.

“You look pale.”

Hartford belatedly remembered the pregnancy test on the floor of her bedroom, and she silently turned to lock the door. For the first time ever.

Christy stared at Hartford expressionlessly, and Hartford ignored her, heading to the door. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Hartford found Gerard where she expected to find him. At his apartment, in his bed, fast asleep. She sat on the edge of his bed as he lay on his stomach, oblivious to the world. He had always been a deep sleeper, and she watched him as if seeing him for the first time. He was still inside her, a part of him growing, attached to her in the most intimate way possible. His baby was inside her.