Quarterback's Unwanted Baby(5)

By: Nicki Jackson

“God!” She juddered pathetically beneath his mouth, and he continued flicking his tongue against her clit until she was at the peak, and then he plunged his tongue into her body.

She jerked, her hands pushing through his hair, tugging at handfuls. Her body raced with shudders of euphoria, and she groaned and whined until it receded. Panting, she slowly opened her eyes as his mouth retraced the path back up her body.

His lips covered hers. “You taste so damn good, Hart.” The words were muffled against her lips.

Her cheeks flushed, she shoved at his shoulders and climbed atop his stomach, straddling his waist. She waited, her breasts crushed between her arms as he smiled slowly and placed his hands beneath his head to support it. Then he watched her boldly, ravenously, his eyes burning with searing need as they traveled over her breasts and waist and hands, before returning to her face.

“Like what you see?”

“Love what I see,” he said with half a smile.

Her smile faded and she leaned down to cover his mouth with her parted lips. She dragged her hands over his chest, stroking his muscles, her insides turning to jelly at the beauty of him. He was huge beneath her, his shoulders wide. Even when he wasn’t dominating her with his body above hers, he still managed to make her feel tiny and fragile and taken care of. She warmed from the inside out, her toes still twisted in the aftermath of her orgasm. She dragged her body lower, and her mouth traipsed down his chest to his navel, where she licked along the contours of his abdominal muscles and then continued lower.

“Whoa, slow down.” He grabbed her head as it hurried down to his shaft. She ignored him and flicked her tongue out to lick the very root of his shaft.

“Damn.” His thighs taut, his eyes on her descending head, he held up handfuls of her thick hair as her face tilted. He watched her small hands slide along the length of his shaft, and his abs tautened in response.

She stroked his manhood, her fingertips tracing the swollen veins lining his shaft in an exciting, heart-stopping pattern. The thick girth of it was generous, the length almost too long, and her tongue slid along the thickest vein before she covered the head of his shaft with her parted lips.

Her mouth tightened around the rubbery head, before she let it pop out. One flick of her tongue against the head and he groaned aloud. His hips jerked in response, and she slid her tongue gluttonously atop the tiny hole in the head of his shaft.

The tangy taste of his precum filled her mouth, coating her tongue. She panted, sucking it harder, wanting more. She squeezed the very root of his shaft and sucked at the head. His groan was loud in her ears as she was rewarded with another hot gush of hot precum.

Gerard panted as his thighs relaxed, and he stroked her head while it bobbed on his manhood. Her tongue slid down the length of his shaft, down to his balls. When her lips covered the sac, he jerked out of her hold.

Hartford reeled from the swiftness and strength of him. She was slammed onto her back on the soft mattress, and he was above her again, holding his shaft from the base as he glided the head along the slit of her body.

“Get inside me.” The wide head popped inside her, stretching her, making her throat tighten up.

“You’re drenched.” He dragged out and pushed in again, deeper this time.

Her thighs shivered and she spread them wider as she willed her body to make room for his massive shaft. He thrust in again, pulling out all the way, then diving in deeper. He was used to taking it slow with her.

“Get inside me already.” She lifted her hips, wanting to feel the burn that came from his body stretching her insides to the max, the ache that throbbed for long seconds as the head of his manhood landed too deep inside her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said calmly, his shoulders strained from the effort of holding back. The veins swollen in his forehand and neck, he took his time easing his way inside her body. When he was finally deep, he slid his hands over her palms, interlacing his fingers with hers. He clenched her hands tightly as he bent his knees on either side of her hips.

“Look at me, Hartford.” He let her beautiful name roll off his lips.

Hartford opened her eyes and cried out. He slammed inside her, his balls pushing against the curve of her ass as he buried himself balls deep.

“Damn, you’re so tight.”

“Gerard…” Her fingers tautened against his entwined ones, and she gasped again as he slammed up in her. Her body slid slightly higher on the mattress, and she cried out with every powerful thrust of his body, ogling his wide shoulders and budging muscles. She looked down to where his abdomen crushed hers, their skin a stark contrast, her dark African American complexion making his tanned torso gleam beautifully. Lifting her thighs higher, she hooked them over his hips, once again taken aback by the beauty of their bodies joined together, limbs entwined.