Quarterback's Unwanted Baby(4)

By: Nicki Jackson

“You’re so hard. God…”

The reverent gasp turned into a harsh sigh of contented lust when his teeth bit into her throat. His body urging her backward toward the bed, she fought him while she pushed her hand through the waistband of his boxers and dragged his shaft out.

“Fuck.” He gripped her shoulders and squeezed, attempting to hold her in place, wanting her small warm hand on his shaft where it burned its shape onto him.

Her other hand quickly cupped his balls over the boxers, and Gerard grunted, pushing her back onto the bed forcefully. She cried out at the shove and bounced slightly on the mattress. Unfazed, he followed her down and kicked his boxers off his legs. His eyes on her breasts as they spilled apart before him, he hooked his fingers through the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips, then her legs, until he dragged them off her body. Her abdomen was tight, her hips full and wide, proportionate to her large breasts. His teeth grated as he relished the marvel before him.

“Goddammit, Hartford. I’m going to eat you up.”

His mouth delved down to kiss her mouth. She clutched his hips, parting her legs at the same time and dragging his shaft between her thighs. At the same time, his tongue plunged into her mouth, and he slanted his head to deepen the kiss. It was hurried and wild, and she moaned as his teeth cut into her already swollen lips. His manhood glided along her moist, sensitized place, and she moaned, grinding herself into the hard length. Her breasts were crushed by his chest, and her hands helplessly dragged over his muscled, hard hips. She dug her fingernails into them to drag him inside her.

Gerard abandoned her mouth, and she closed her eyes, letting her hands fall by her sides as his mouth began its descent. Every lick, every bite, every brush of his lips made her jerk in silent gratification. Her eyelids clenched tighter as she savored the darkness, welcoming the surprise of what his mouth did to her next.

“I missed you. I want you.”

She whined as his hands claimed her breasts and his mouth covered her nipple. The wetness sucked at the peak, and her back arched. A long, low cry of deliriousness escaped her. Her eyes snapped opened, and she saw him watching her expressions while he sucked her nipple hungrily, greedily, holding up the full, firm globes. His lips dug into them as he sucked and tugged at the tip. When he finally released it, he dragged his lips off the tip, elongating it. His mouth moved between her breasts, and his tongue slid erotically, wetly, between them. He bit a mouthful, then lifted slightly before slamming his mouth onto her navel. She jerked as his teeth bit into the flesh next to her belly button. Her insides taut, she curled away from the touch yet toward it. His mouth descended until she clamped her legs shut and shivered.

“Hart… let me have all of you.” His tongue flicked at the triangle of smooth flesh at the apex of her thighs. “I want to taste you everywhere.”

Her insides clenched familiarly as the smoldering lust seeped molten lava deep in her core.

“Hart…” His hand pushed between her clamped thighs, and he stroked her clit. Her shuddering body made his shoulders taut as he fought his own release. He could tell she was tensing up as his fingers delved along the wet seam. Her thighs jerked and her head thrashed. She was too sweet and too inexperienced, and he took great pride in knowing that he was the only one who had seen her naked, who had touched her body the way he had, the only one who had brought her to orgasm and taught her what it was like. Hypocritical though it was, he relished the ownership of her body.

The waves of impending orgasm he so skillfully brought her to repeatedly, every time, slipped through her, and she readied to be consumed by the electric waves. Her threw her head back, and her thighs fell apart. She cried out as his mouth slammed onto the revealed drenched spot with harsh, punitive force.

“Gerard…” she gasped loudly, her hands helplessly clutching his head.

She clamped her thighs shut, but his head blocked their path. She curled sideways and he pinned her, his mouth hungry, licking along the slit. She felt every flick, every velvety rush of his tongue along her clit, and when his finger pushed inside the entrance to her body, her back arched and she let her thighs fall sideways in wondrous defeat.

“Baby… don’t stop,” she moaned, and her head fell back.

His heart hammered wildly at her shattered plea. He held her thighs apart, his hands and his skin color a stark contrast against her gleaming, dark flesh. He squeezed her thighs, and his gaze stayed hooked to her beautiful face as her head thrashed on the pillow and her fingernails dug into the sheets. Her hips lifted higher to his mouth, and his heart beat faster as she surrendered her body to his greedy mouth, jerking in sweet submission.