Quarterback's Unwanted Baby(2)

By: Nicki Jackson

She fled from the hall, out the back to where more girls were losing their clothes and more people were being thrown into the water. She kept running around the back of the house, along the edge to a corner where she could still hear the music but was dark enough that she could sniffle in private without being seen.

She didn’t even remember the last time she’d cried. She loved Gerard and they’d been together four years, and she knew this ultimately had to happen. But it was almost as if fate were separating them forcefully, determined to see the end of them. She’d at least expected that he would be nearby.

For a moment, her heart twisted in agonizing pain as she thought about the fact that Gerard hadn’t seemed bothered by the fact that he would be so far away from her. She was fine with him moving to Seattle; really, she was. She didn’t want to hold him back; after all, she was doing exactly what he was—chasing her dream. She wanted him to grow and be what he wanted to be. He’d tried so hard to make it. Getting selected first round was no small deal, but it would’ve helped if he didn’t seem so completely oblivious to the fact that Seattle was too fucking far!

She rubbed the tears off her cheeks furiously and sat on the edge of the stone path that ran around the massive estate. Unthinkingly she tried to pry him out of her life, but the two of them were entwined like veins and arteries. Severing them would destroy them both.

She shook her head to clear it. No. Gerard wouldn’t let that happen. He loved her. He’d loved her for a long time. Four-hour flight or fourteen, they’d make it work. She knew it.

When she walked back toward the house, the pool was still full and wild, and someone splashed water onto her beige heels. She grimaced but was glad for the distraction as it momentarily snapped her out of her misery. Her new shoes getting wet were the least of her worries.

Inside the house, she scanned the hall, but Gerard wasn’t there. She was making her way through the stream of bodies when someone grabbed her arm, making her lurch around. The harsh, too-rough grasp could only be Gerard.

“Hey,” she said breathlessly, cherishing the sight of him. It would soon be a luxury.

“Hi…” He grinned. “I was looking for you.” His smile faded slightly, and he leaned close. “Everything all right?” he yelled to be heard over the music.

“Yeah.” She smiled widely.

He didn’t buy it. His expression blank, he simply watched her. He knew exactly why she had been crying. He shook his head and hauled her into his chest. “We’re together.” The statement was a warm, harsh hiss near her ear. Clutching her narrow waist, his lips buried into her dark hair. “Nothing changes that. Nothing!”

Hartford felt the tears coming again, and she clutched the back of his shirt, clinging to his massive torso while he crushed her shoulders too hard and too tight.

Having her tall, lithe body in his arms made Gerard’s limbs flex blissfully in response. He cupped the sides of her face and lifted it up. She was stunning, and she’d been his for the last four years. He shook his head. “I love you.”

Fresh tears poured down her cheeks.

He inhaled to fight the stabs of pain in his chest as her beautiful, flawless face twisted to fight the tears. He pressed his lips to her eye, the taste of her tears slipping into his mouth. He kissed her other eye and then covered her full lips with his. Her sharp intake was a half sob, and he forced his mouth over the contours of her mouth, tasting her. The music, the people, the wild party disappeared somewhere into the background.

Hartford clutched his forearms, and her eyes clenched shut as she surrendered to the demands of his mouth. How could she have assumed that he didn’t feel the pain of the moment? Of course it killed him to think about being apart from her. She’d make it work, and from the commitment and urgency of his kiss, it was clear that he was going to be doing the same. She didn’t need to hear the words. She trusted Gerard and his feelings for her.

Her lower body pressed against his, and she dug her fingernails into his forearm as his tongue plunged territorially into her mouth. Her eyes opened briefly, and her heart stopped. Gerard’s eyes were slightly open as he watched her face, like he always did when they made out. Her lips slowed as their gaze remained locked, their tongues gently tangling, his lips cascading over her lower lip while she gently bit his upper lip. He dragged his hands down her back, over her spine, then dug them into her lower back as he crushed her tighter against his body.

Hartford felt his manhood hard and pulsating, digging punitively into her navel. Her heart hammered and the liquid of her arousal trickled down to her panties. She wanted him with the same urgency that she’d felt two years ago when she’d lost her virginity to him. It was the same aching, hollow feeling. She was empty and was too uncomfortable with it. “I want you,” she hissed against his lips.