Quadruplet Babies for my Billionaire Boss(3)

By: Lia Lee & Ella Brooke

Brent always arrived at nine on the dot, without fail. He was the most consistent person I knew.

I heard the voices outside the door greeting him before I saw him walk through the office, his nose buried in a file.

“Morning,” I said.

“Could we get James Talon on the line?” he asked without looking up at me.

I sighed. “Yes, we can.”

“Right. Follow me.”

He walked toward his office door, and again I sighed before getting up. This was so typical. Brent would never notice me. He barely looked at me, even when he wasn’t busy with something important. It didn’t matter what I did, whether I dressed up or stayed plain and boring. It would be all the same to Brent.

In his office, he sat down behind his desk, frowning. I gathered the file he carried didn’t contain good news. I could take his mind off things. I could offer. But seeing that he barely looked at me, I doubted it would go down well. If I wanted to be fired on the spot, now would be the time to act out.

“Look at this,” Brent said and handed me the file. I put it down on the desk and leaned over to look at it instead of picking it up. I wanted him to look down my shirt.

If he noticed, he didn’t say anything. I focused on the number in front of me, and I realized what he was trying to show me. The numbers for one of the products he sold were in, and they didn’t look good. I guess it made sense why he was so caught up in the file.

“What do you need me to do?” I asked. I willed him to say me.

“I need James on the line as soon as possible. We need to talk about this. Call a meeting with Hank and Charlie for today if you can. What do you think?”

I nodded absently. What did I think? I thought this was bullshit. I wanted attention, and all he was giving me was more work. I wanted him to notice what I was wearing and think about something else for a change.

But whatever.

Chapter 2


On Wednesday morning the numbers for one of my newest products were in. The numbers were horrific.

We had handled marketing the right way, the surveys had been promising, and the launch had been grand. I had sent out sample products to my beta users, and the feedback had been positive. I sighed. Where had we gone wrong?

When I walked into the office, Rena was at attention, ready to serve me. That was how I liked my women—ready to do my bidding when I snapped my fingers.

“Morning,” she said.

“Can we get James Talon on the line?” I asked. I had to talk to Talon to figure out how we were going to get these numbers up.

“Yes, we can,” Rena said, and she sounded exasperated. I didn’t know what her issue was, and I didn’t care. I walked through to my office with her following me and became aware of the sound of heels on the parquet flooring. It was a distinct click-click when her footsteps were usually more muffled.

I sat down behind my desk and glanced at Rena—and struggled not to stare. She was incredibly hot.

“Look at this,” I said, handing her the file. She took it from me and put it on the table, leaning over to look at it. I could see straight down her shirt. I had noticed her tits before—she was a beautiful woman, and I was a sexually active man—but fuck, I had never seen her look like this. I glanced past her open blouse and noticed her short skirt and long legs that would look great wrapped around me. My dick twitched in my pants.

I pushed away the thought. I was her boss. I had to be professional. I couldn’t think about fucking my secretary. There was nothing more cliché.

Rena had always been a stunner. I had thought that of her the day she’d walked into my office for an interview. But this was something else. And perving over her was wrong.

She was probably dressed up like this because she had a date after work. A woman like her wouldn’t be single. Men had to be flocking toward her to get some of that ass.

“Hot date after work?” I asked her.

She glanced at me. “Excuse me?”

“Do you have a date after work?”

She blinked at me before she shook her head. When she looked down, I could have sworn she rolled her eyes. I had never asked her about her personal life before. She was obviously irritated by it. I had to admit, even a bad mood looked sexy on her.

I could have stared at her all day. Instead, I cleared my throat and talked business because that was what we were here for.

“What do you need me to do?” Rena asked after she had studied the file for a while.

Get on your knees and open your mouth, I thought. God, my mind was in the gutter.

“I need James on the line as soon as possible.” I wanted to be alone with her. “We need to talk about this.” She was my secretary. Thinking about her like this was wrong. “Call a meeting with Hank and Charlie for today if you can. What do you think?”