Pregnant By The Panther(8)

By: Riley Moreno

Melanie was bored. She stifled a yawn but followed Diesel deeper into the woods. The wood smelled of pine and snow, the smell pure and fresh in her nose. The sky was stark and grey and the gloom got deeper as they progressed. If the Tyler boy was alive he’d soon be dead of exposure.

She sighed deeply and twirled her hair. She’d tied it up in a ponytail today, her striking features coming in to sharp focus. She’d seen Diesel stare at her lips earlier and it had thrilled her. For the hundredth time she wondered why he was with that dumpy girlfriend of his. Maybe if she hadn’t gotten pregnant Diesel wouldn’t be stuck with her.

‘She must have jumped his bones when he was drunk,’ Melanie thought. ‘How else do you explain a hunk like Diesel falling for her? How would anyone fall for a tub of lard like that?’

She flipped her hair back and took the lead, bending where a few mushrooms had been trampled underfoot. She knew her ass was on display in her tight slacks. She could feel Diesel staring. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘Get a good look at what you’re denying yourself.’

They should seriously be together, was her thinking. They were both devastatingly good looking, both WerePanthers and both working as law enforcers. They could be making steaming love in the snow right now instead of looking for a stupid kid who was already dead because of his stupidity.

Melanie had no sympathy for the stupid.

“I think he went that way,” Diesel said and Melanie turned her head to see that Diesel wasn’t facing her at all but to the left of them in to a deeper section of the woods that sloped dangerously down in to a ravine.

Melanie straightened up, annoyed.

She huffed down alongside Diesel, watching her step, the slope slippery and pretty soon her leggings were wet and she was miserable. Half way down she angled herself deliberately so she went crashing in to Diesel, their bodies falling over each other and they went rolling down the hill clinging to each other.

“Ouch,” Melanie moaned.

“Are you okay?” Diesel asked. He was crushed below her, her head nuzzled in to the crook of his neck. Melanie stayed there for a while, moaning petulantly, squirming her hips till she felt a rise in his pants. “Melanie,” he croaked.

“I think I hurt my thigh,” she moaned, “It feels bruised.”

“Let’s get you up and have a look,” Diesel said then thought better of it when Melanie started pulling her leggings off. She pulled them partly down so he could get a good look at her shaven pussy; it was nice and pink from the exposure to the cold, her flesh creamy and inviting.

Diesel looked away.

“Is it bad?” he asked looking intently up and down the ravine.

“Yeah,” Melanie said gritting her teeth. “I might need you to carry me.”

“Okay,” he said distractedly. “You should sit here and rest your leg. I’ll go see where Henry might have gotten to.”

Melanie wanted to stomp her feet and scream.

Diesel came back ten minutes later. He was carrying Henry, small for his fifteen years, who he had covered in his jacket.

“We need to get him to a hospital now!” he said and rushed up the slope as fast as he could while still trying to maintain his balance.

Melanie followed, furious that she hadn’t managed to seduce Diesel. The kid dying of hypothermia never even registered as something she should care about.

Chapter Five

Picture Perfect

The town was abuzz. Henry Tyler was in the hospital; frail with a broken leg, he was going to survive. The school was planning a safety assembly to go over the rules parents taught in their households. It was imperative that something like this never happen again.

Sonya had been terrified when Diesel hadn’t made it home that night. She had called the station but no one had picked up. After her third call someone finally picked up the call but all she heard was frantic breathing and a woman’s moaning. She was about to get in her car and go to the station to confront whatever was happening when Diesel walked in.

“Where have you been?” Sonya was in tears. She had never cried over a man in her entire life and Diesel had her sobbing. She hated being so dependent on him for her peace of mind and her happiness.