Pregnant By The Panther(4)

By: Riley Moreno

“No thank you, I just ate,” Melanie said not looking at Bill. “When can I join?” she asked Diesel, her eyes never leaving his.

“Tomorrow work for you?” Diesel asked.

“It does,” Melanie said a flirty smile touching her lips. “Thank you so much. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She waved and left a cloud of perfume in her wake. Bill was staring after her unabashed, so was Diesel. Where had she come from? Here he was thinking of coercing Larry or Reed into doing a part time stint and here comes Melanie Beal, WerePanther and ex police officer with a sexy young body and an attitude to match to solve all his problems.

“Something tells me she’s going to be more trouble than she’s worth,” Bill said biting in to his hot dog, relish running down his chin.

Diesel couldn’t help but agree.


Diesel walked in through his front door. Everyone in Shifter Grove lived in cabins at least three to four miles apart. It made shifting easier and fewer tragedies occurred when you lived far away. Sonya had transformed his house ever since she moved in. The front door was painted a bright red, the gables turquoise, the living room was a burnished brown, the sofa upholstered Caribbean blue. There were framed pictures on the mantle above the fireplace, posters on the wall, comfy cushions on a rocking chair on the back porch and a fire roaring in the fireplace.

Eric Clapton was singing of love from the stereo.

Diesel remembered the hovel it had been and how inviting and warm it was now. He padded to the kitchen where Sonya was standing at the stove in just an oversized shirt stirring a sauce, her luscious hips swaying to the music. Diesel walked up to her, encircling her waist. He couldn’t get his arms around all the way, her belly had gotten so big. Diesel felt a nudge on his hand.

“Baby says hello,” Sonya crooned, kissing his jaw.

Diesel kissed her lips, tucking her caramel blonde hair behind her ear.

“And how’s the baby Mama?” he asked nuzzling in to her, inhaling her smell.

“Tired,” she said. “But fine.”

“Not too tired, I hope,” Diesel said cupping her breasts and Sonya chuckled.

“Never too tired for that,” she snuck a hand back and stroked his bulging erection.

Diesel reached out a hand and turned the stove off. The bubbling sauce simmering down as he slid his hands underneath the shirt pleased to find nothing below. Sonya moaned impatiently, taking his uniform off and sliding her lips on his stiff rod. Diesel loved the feel of her tongue on his shaft, her lips kissing the tip before opening up like a blooming flower.

He’d been afraid in the beginning, not sure if he’d hurt her or the baby if they continued to have sex the way they used to but Sonya had put his fears to rest, demanding more sex as her libido rose higher in the months after the nausea abated.

He loved watching her naked body. Her breasts, always big, were rounder and fuller than before; Diesel had watched, fascinated, as her nipples turned darker, her face glowing with an inner light when she slept with her hand firmly on her belly.

The love he had for this woman had eclipsed everything else in his life. He had never been sad, not really, a little lonely maybe, but it wasn’t till Sonya pulled in to his drive that he realized he had never been truly happy either.

They lazed on the sofa after making love, tucking in to the spaghetti Bolognese and watching an old movie on TV. Sonya’s feet were tucked under Diesel’s thighs, his weight providing her swollen feet some relief.

“She had feeds her cat tuna and almond milk and expects it to be a sprightly little thing,” Sonya was saying. “Who gives their cat almond milk?”

“Crazy cat ladies?” Diesel said.

“How was work?” Sonya asked. “Not too boring I hope.”

“We finally filled in the deputy post,” Diesel said sopping up the sauce with a dinner roll. “A new resident of Shifter Grove. Moved from Georgia, was a cop there.”

“What’s his Shit?” Sonya asked.

“Her,” Diesel corrected and Sonya lifted her brows in surprise. “She’s a WerePanther just like me.”

“That’s cool,” Sonya said. “What’s her name?”