Pregnant By The Panther(3)

By: Riley Moreno

“I’m sure if he’s a jerk Sonya will know when she talks to him,” Samantha said. “It’s completely your call.”

Sonya sighed.

“I’ll regret it if I don’t,” she sighed, and held Katherine’s hand. “We’ve all had shitty parents but at least we know who they were. And I know Diesel often wonders about his dad but he’s too stung by his mother’s reaction to try and find him.”

Sonya stared at the number.

“I’ll call him tonight,” Sonya decided, crossing her fingers below the table.

Chapter Two

Call Me Trouble

Diesel Wake chewed his lip absentmindedly. His eyes were glazed. The blue glow of the computer screen made his face look pale and ghostly. He was sitting in the Sheriff’s office searching for the right crib and reading up on the first few months of a baby’s life.

It wasn’t hard being the Sheriff of Shifter Grove; after serving in the Navy SEAL Black Ops for over a decade this was a walk in the park, but even simpler. Nothing much happened in Shifter Grove except for disputes that occurred after a night of Shifting; it mostly involved the young ones who didn’t have much control over their shifting yet. Chicken coops invaded, attacks on barns.

For a community of Shifters it was a very peaceful place but the county rules still demanded that Shifter Grove needed at least two deputies. Kyle had retired six months ago and Diesel was looking for someone new. Only three people had applied; all three of them made up people by the trolling teenagers that plagued Diesel’s life.

Diesel ran a hand over his face, massaging his cheeks and jaw. His stomach rumbled when he heard the sound of a car pulling up in front of the office. Diesel cleared his desk in anticipation of the lunch he’d sent his deputy, Bill Hart, to grab from Pig Out.

“About damn time,” he said when the door opened but it wasn’t Bill.

A tall woman stood there. She had dark hair, alabaster skin and piercing green eyes. She was wearing a short skirt above leggings and a sweater that hugged every curve. She was small-waisted with big breasts and looked like a super model who’d just come off a runway somewhere in New York.

“Hi,” she said in a husky voice, “is this the Sheriff’s office? I’m looking for Sheriff Wake.”

“Y,” Diesel cleared his throat, “Yes. I’m Diesel. The Sheriff. How may I help you?”

“I’m Melanie Beal,” she said, her accent lilted slightly but Diesel couldn’t place it. “I moved to Shifter Grove about a week ago. I saw the ad in the paper, you’re looking for a deputy?”

“Yes,” Diesel said, strangely lost for words.

“Well I’d like to apply if the post is still open,” Melanie smiled, perfect dazzling teeth. “I was a police officer in Georgia. I have my CV here if you want,” she held a piece of paper out.

“Oh,” Diesel said.

Melanie looked at him with raised brows. Diesel made no move to take the piece of paper. He had been wondering if this was a daydream and was completely lost in thought when Bill walked in.

“Joe is a bastard,” Bill said looking at the floor to manage his steps. “But he’s a bastard who gives us extra fries. Well wow, hello?” Bill had placed the food on his desk and just caught sight of Melanie. “I’m Bill,” he said, the pimples on his chin turning redder as he blushed like a fool.

“Melanie,” she said. “But you can call me Mel.”

“Melanie’s applied for the post of deputy,” Diesel finally managed to say.

“That’s great!” Bill said and his excitement was palpable.

“So do I get the job?” Melanie asked.

“That depends; I need to know if you’re a Shifter.” Diesel said.

“Oh yes,” Melanie said as if they were talking about the weather, “I’m a WerePanther.”

“No way!” Bill squealed. “So is Diesel!”

“Really?” Melanie looked Diesel up and down and Diesel had to stop himself from blushing under her attention.

“Would you like to join us for lunch?” Bill asked. “Joe always gives us extra.”