Pregnant By The Panther(14)

By: Riley Moreno

The snow was coming down faster now, blanketing everything in white.

Sonya must have fallen asleep because she got up with a sudden jerk. The room was dark except for the icy blue light coming from the French windows that lead to the porch. It had stopped snowing and the moon was glowing.

Sonya felt cold. There was a frigid breeze in the house. She pulled her nightgown closer around her and looked around for the source. She saw that the front door was wide open, drifts of snow swirling on the cabin floor, footprints in the melted snow drew a track from the door to her bedroom.

“Diesel!” she called a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

A low growl came from her bedroom and Sonya’s hair stood on end. She edged away from the bedroom, the growling growing deeper and a shadow slinking on the walls. Sonya turned and ran outside the open front door, her feet slipping in the fresh snow, holding her back.

A panther, sleek and ferocious jumped out roaring at Sonya. Sonya pushed herself to run to her car. The panther swiped at her, catching the end of her nightgown in its claws. Sonya let her nightgown fall in the snow, the cold hitting her skin like a punch. She ran as far as the main road, her mind in complete lockdown. She didn’t know what to do.

The panther was trudging out of the drift of snow it had landed under and Sonya was about to give up hope when she saw headlights down the road. She ran, slipping and sliding on the slick iced road but she didn’t dare stop. She waved her hands screaming for the car to stop.

Diesel braked hard and stepped out.

“No!” Sonya was screaming. “Get back in! It’s not safe!”

Diesel saw a panther come running towards them in the moonlight, its green eyes crazed and bloodlust upon it. Diesel roared and charged. He bent low and took the panther at a running leap knocking it out of Sonya’s way.

The panther roared up at him but he kicked swiftly at the panthers’ exposed ribs cracking a bone and the panther howled in pain. Sonya watched as patches of fur disappeared and alabaster flesh revealed itself to the light of the moon.

“Melanie?” Sonya was shocked.

“You fucking bitch!” Melanie screamed lunging at Sonya with her still shifted paw but Diesel stamped it down with his heavy boot twisting his foot so her paw broke. Sonya saw bone poking out of the flesh.

“Diesel, no, I love you,” Melanie whimpered. “You should be with me! We’re both WerePanthers; she’s not even a Shifter! We should be together, you know it. I know you want me, you were hard when we went in to the woods,” Melanie’s head snapped back.

Sonya massaged her stinging palm.

“Shut up about my boyfriend or I’ll slap your head the wrong way around,” Sonya said.

Diesel looked at her admiringly and Sonya shrugged.

“I’d been wanting to do that for a very long time,” she said.

“Melanie Beal,” Diesel said, “You’re under arrest for breaking and entering and trying to attack a non-Shifter with full intention of bodily harm.”

Melanie screamed in frustration but didn’t protest when Diesel put cuffs on her and carted her in to the back of his van.

“Wow,” he said, “I guess I just don’t know how attractive I am,” he grinned down at Sonya.

“You are very attractive,” she said snuggling in to him for warmth. “And you’re all mine!”

Diesel didn’t argue just held her close, the idea of losing her too hard to even bare thinking. He kissed the top of her head and thanked all his luck, and to all the miserable years that had led him to her.

The End.