Pregnant By The Panther(10)

By: Riley Moreno

“I asked Dr. Fitz when I was at the hospital,” Diesel grinned sheepishly and Sonya swatted at his hand.

“We were supposed to find out together,” she tried to scold him but she was too happy to be angry.

“I figured it could be my early birthday present,” he smiled goofily and Sonya couldn’t help it she leaned in and kissed the tip of his nose.

Chapter Six


Sonya was on tenterhooks. The party was tomorrow and none of her stupid dresses fit her. She had planned a casual event with Diesel’s closest friends in Shifter Grove and Waterville. Sonya had even gotten in contact with some of Diesel’s Navy buddies and they had said they’d be flying in for the special day.

Getting Diesel to the event wasn’t going to be hard. She’d told him the school was hosting a fundraiser for Henry Tyler’s hospital bills to help the family out and the Locke’s had graciously given the rent of their barn.

Now Sonya was standing in the try room of a JC Penny trying to fit in to a bright blue and orange dress that refused to fit. This was the largest size they carried and Sonya seriously considered tearing the thing to pieces.

“Maybe you could try Maternal America,” the sales girl, a petite blonde, the picture of wholesomeness said when Sonya handed her the dress.

Sonya wanted to gouge her eyes out but Claus pulled her out of the store. She had tried Maternal America but they had such bland colored clothes, pastels and greys, that Sonya would rather go naked than wear one of those dresses.

She was decidedly depressed and wanted a big helping of chili cheese fries at the food court but Claus took her to Macy’s instead. Sonya was in the middle of a change when her phone began to ring in earnest. She was so busy trying to work the intricacies of a strappy dress so she didn’t see who was calling but attended the call.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hello, dear,” Andrew said. “I hope I’m not calling at a bad time.”

“Andrew!” Sonya said and Claus squealed outside the try room. “No, of course not. It’s good to hear from you. How are you?”

“Fine, fine,” Andrew said. “I talked to my family,” he said and Sonya had to suppress a smile. Andrew was jumping right to business; just like Diesel he didn’t have the gift of small talk.

“And?” Sonya said pulling her sweatshirt on and exiting the dressing room.

“My boys think I should go for it,” he said and Sonya got the impression he was beaming. “My wife was a little upset; it’s understandable, but she knows it happened long before I ever met her so she isn’t averse to me getting to know Diesel.”

Sonya was crying now. She was getting really sick of the leaky tap in her eyes since her pregnancy, she hadn’t cried tis much in her whole life!

“So you’ll come?”

“I was thinking I could fly in tomorrow,” Andrew said. “Would you mind me bringing one of my sons?”

“Of course not,” Sonya said, “Actually tomorrow would be perfect. It’s his birthday tomorrow. I have a whole party planned…”

“Oh,” Andrew seemed hesitant. “I’m not sure I’d want such a public place to see him. I don’t know how I feel about this; I don’t know how he’ll feel about it.”

“I understand,” Sonya said quickly. “I’ll bring him to the hotel in Waterville after the party. I’ll book you a room right away.”

“That’s sweet of you Sonya,” Andrew said. “Diesel is a lucky man.”

Sonya was jumping for joy, crying and laughing at the same time.

“Excuse her,” Claus told the staring clerk, “She’s just pregnant.”

They were late. Diesel had made them very late. He had joined her in the shower, then insisted on cleaning her up thoroughly. Then he’d nuzzled in to her as she tried to dry herself then did it for her, rolling in the sheets. Sonya had dressed twice because Diesel had had to undress her right there and then.

She didn’t mind it all that much but Diesel had noticed that she was distracted.

“You don’t love me anymore,” he pouted and Sonya swatted his arm.