Pregnant By The Alpha Russian Billionaire

By: Riley Moreno

Chapter 1

“Mama, what is going on?’’ little 8 year old Fiona Blackstone, a cute chocolate dark skinned and brown eyed girl whispered, while looking at her mother who looked to be in total distress.

She also could not understand why her mother and father had quickly woken her up in the middle of the night and quickly snatched her up in a rush to get out of the house.

They had not even let her take Mr. Cuddles, her little brown teddy bear and also one of her best friends. And now he must be lonely thinking she had abandoned him in her room.

But why then had they brought her to this scary unfamiliar neighborhood, in front of some brick made house? And what had her dad gone inside there to do. As the strange questions rushed into her little head, her mother quickly spoke.

‘’Honey I want you to take this and keep it on you.’’ Sonia Blackstone, a beautiful light skinned woman and her loving mother then said softly while placing a red ruby heart pendant on her.

Just as the little girl curiously placed her little hand on the pretty necklace which now lay on her little chest, her mother gently closed her hand around hers.

‘’Promise me honey, that you will always keep this with you. Never lose it.” her mother then said with a serious look on her face which meant business.

‘’I pinky promise, mama.’’ The little girl confidently said, hoping that would make her mother start smiling instead of looking so sad.

‘’Sonia, I have spoken with Edna and she will be well taken care of. Plus we better be quick as they are now close.’’ She then heard the deep voice of her father say as he came close to them. While she had her mother`s brown eyes, she had gotten her dark chocolate skin from her father Charles Blackstone.

Her mother then bursts into tears, enveloping her into her arms and quickly releasing her to stand up.

Her father then knelt before her and stared intensely at her with his serious dark teary eyes.

‘’Pumpkin, I want you to always remember that no matter what, we love you okay? And always be brave.’’ before the little girl could ask what was happening, her mother then pulled her father away while looking frantic.

‘’Charles lets go, they are coming!” her parents both now looking distraught then quickly kissed the little girl on the forehead and jumped into the car.

They then left, leaving the little black girl staring after them as the car moved away, causing her to scream for them to come back!

‘’Mama, Papa don’t leave me here!’’ she shouted with tears now flooding her face, even as the car was now at a far distance and they could not even hear her.

But the last thing she then spotted before closing her eyes in exhaustion and being carried away by her new care taker Edna, were large gigantic beasts.

Beasts with yellow eyes and white sharp fangs, hidden in the shadows and heading in the same direction as that of her parents...


Fiona then found herself almost letting out a scream because of the dream but quickly opened her eyes after feeling something cold splash upon her.

“Fiona, Fiona! Are you awake?’’ she then heard a female voice shout, causing to quickly sit up on her bed, only to find herself dripping cold wet.

‘’Tracy! What the hell?’’ Fiona then said to her best friend and roommate, Tracy Thompson who was holding a bucket of water and looking guilty. They had been best friends since high school and even through college.

‘’Don’t blame me; this was the only way I could get you to wake up. It seems like you were stuck in that dream of yours where you usually wake up screaming.’’ Tracy then said to her, looking worried as Fiona had told her about this same dream she sometimes kept on having.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Tracy then continued upon seeing the sorrow which now filled Fiona`s face at the mention of that dream.

‘’Don’t worry Tracy, I will be fine.” Fiona then replied standing up and going to clean up in the bathroom.

Her hand then quickly closed around the red ruby heart pendant on her chest as she stared at it through the bathroom mirror.

She then realized that inside she was not okay as that dream was also a past memory which always reminded her of how her parents had left her at some orphanage to never come back.