Playing the Billionaire (International Temptation)(67)

By: M.K. Meredith

“My mother? Your father would never allow it. She’s not family.”

He flashed a huge grin as if in victory. “But if things go the way I’m dreaming they will, in time she will be.”

The sincerity in his eyes stole her breath. Could this be real? She wanted to pinch herself but was afraid of waking up.

“I am sorry for what I did,” she whispered, wrapping her arms about his neck. “Especially knowing about Clara. I’m sorry I was so stubborn about asking for help that I was willing to use the hotel to find a way to make ends meet.”

He kissed the tip of her nose. “I know. But I’m the one who needs to make amends; you were simply reacting to my own deceit. I am the one who is sorry. And if you let me, I’ll try every day to make it up to you. Be with me, estimata. We can figure out where later.”

The endearment with his accent rushed over her skin like Cava bubbles, and she stood on tiptoes to press her lips against his.

“Mateu, London!” Cheers from the crowd reached her ears. His parents, Felip, Mateu, even his sister waddled along with her hands over her rounding belly. But it was the look of anticipation in her own mother’s gaze that made her feel as if she were coming home.

Drawing her close, he kissed her again, and it was even better than their first time in the erotic garden. “I love you, London. We still have far to travel before we figure out our forever, but I want take the journey with you. If you’ll have me.”

She kissed him back. “You’ve already taken me on the most exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventure of all.”

He gripped her tight with a fierce look in his eyes. “And what adventure was that?”

“Kissing a Catalan.”

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To my children and husband, otherwise known as my heart and soul, thank you for believing in me and always knowing I could do this even when I didn’t. I love you. To my big brothers, Tommy, Todd, and Billy—as goofy as I am, you’ve always held me up. To Paula, my sister of the heart, I’m forever in awe of you. And to my mom, who’s continued to mother me from the other side, I hope I have a fraction of your grace. Thank you. To Kathy and Jim Krans, you have a special place in our hearts. Thank you to my agent, Jill Marsal, for your kindness and for pushing me for more. It’s a lovely feeling to know I’m not alone in this dream of mine. Thank you to my editors, Kate Brauning and Ashley Hearn, for helping me make Playing the Spanish Billionaire my new favorite book. To Entangled Publishing, thank you for giving this writer a home. Thank you to the marketing team—you hold a special place in my heart—to the production team and everyone in between. You’re my very own superheroes. Sarah Ballance, thank you for your amazing support and the kind words that grace this cover. I’m thrilled we’re imprint sisters.

I loved my “time” in Barcelona; if any mistakes are found, they are completely mine, and I apologize. I love the passion of this sensual city and enjoyed learning so many of the unique characteristics found only in Barcelona. Thank you, Jessica Snyder, for your critique efforts in helping me make this book better and for always listening to my ramblings. A huge thank-you to Adriana Galiana Mateu for making sure I stayed true to the beautiful Catalan language. I appreciate your valuable time. A heartfelt thank-you to Deonna Caputo for giving me a better understanding of the ins and outs of hotel management. I’m sorry I missed thanking you in Seducing the Tycoon.

Thank you to my Romantics, and my street team, MK & CO, for your friendship and for believing in me. I love everyone in this family, from the very first to the still-to-come. One more exuberant thank-you to the readers of this book. Experiencing life with you in this way is magical. I hope that at least one scene, one line, or simply one word resonates with each of you. And to my sisters and brothers in the fight against breast and all types of cancer. I know both sides, having lost my mom to breast cancer at a young age, and having survived cancer myself. My writing is one of the things that carries me through. I have many more books to write. Thank you.

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter, MK