Play Me(82)

By: Katie McCoy

“Are you saying you didn’t make a habit of luring innocent boys into your lair with your pretty blue eyes and long legs and sexy Harry Potter t-shirt?”

“Ha! No, I certainly did not. And you were not that innocent.” Despite my intention to slow down, somehow I was tossing back the last of my champagne.

“I wasn’t?” Levi cocked one brow.

“No.” My cheeks warmed. “You knew exactly what you were doing, and you did it very well.”

“Well, thank you.”

“And very fast.”

His face fell as he groaned. “God, don’t tell me. All I remember thinking is, ‘oh fuck don’t come oh fuck don’t come oh fuck I came.’”

I couldn’t resist. “That’s pretty much what you said, too.”

“Is it?” He groaned even louder and slammed the rest of his drink. “Fuck, I need more whiskey. Want something?”

I bit my lip and looked at my empty glass. “I shouldn’t.”

“Why? Are you driving?”


“Are you married?”


“Are you worried I’m going to get you drunk and drag you into a closet for round two?”

I smiled as my heart skipped a beat. “Maybe.”

He leaned in closer, so close I felt his breath on my lips. “Good.”