New York Rain(38)

By: Riley Moreno

“Harold, I’m pregnant and so is Sally.” Sandra said and collapsed crying.

Chapter 23

Harold heard her tell him. “Harold I’m pregnant and so is Sally.” Then he didn’t hear anything but her crying.

“Bruce I have to go. My wife needs me and I will not put anything in front of her, ever. Finish the meeting, give my apologies, and just make it better. Hell I’m the owner, if I can’t leave early, who can.” He stated and ran out the door.

Harold was panicked. He didn’t know how she was taking the news of Sally. Harold had honestly forgotten all about the one afternoon of sex. He didn’t know she was pregnant, hadn’t thought of any precautions at the time or after it.

But here he was learning about it from his wife. Who was also pregnant? Harold was so happy, but yet so worried at the same time. He hated the conflicting emotions he was feeling.

Worst of all he knew that Sandra was going through too many things in her mind too. She needed him right now and he had to get there.

“Get me home last minute.” He said to his driver.

“Yes sir.”

Harold hated the feelings of being lost that came over him on the way home. “Oh my God, please don’t let her leave me?” He prayed out. The trip seemed to be endless.

As soon as they were in the driveway he was out the door, running inside. He didn’t stop until he was beside her.

“I’m here baby. I’m sorry it took so long.” Harold looked down at her. She was a mess. Her eyes were swollen from crying.

“It was before you. Honestly, I don’t want anyone but you. I will never even look the way of another female. I love you and only you. Please don’t leave me.” Harold pleaded with her.

She looked up into his eyes. “I know Harold. I really do. I’ve already thought it out. Really I’m crying so much because I realized just how much you loved me. I can’t believe it sometimes it is just so overwhelming.” Sandra said to him tears dripping down her face.

“Oh baby. I would do anything in this world for you. Don’t ever doubt that. I’m so happy I met you and you told me how it was!” Harold laughed.

“Me too honey. So what are we going to name our babies?” Sandra asked.

“Babies?” Harold asked confused.

“Yes we will raise your and Sally’s baby as our own too! Why not, it’s not fair for that baby to not have you as a father. If we have to we’ll just pay her off.” Sandra stated.

Harold looked at her and liked her plan. “Whatever you want to do baby!” THE END.