New York Rain(10)

By: Riley Moreno

That though was proving hard to achieve here, working with Jade. It was easier with Claire, because while she was most white guys' type, she wasn't Brenton's. No.

His type was right in front of him, typing away at her laptop, seeming oblivious to his wandering, probing eyes as they roved all over her curves.

And curves they were; just how he liked them. The model look was almost a turn-off for him, in fact. Skin and bones were simply not attractive in his eyes. No, he liked women like Jade. Not that she carried much weight herself; she was slim around the waist, and her limbs were shapely and light, but she had full, round curves in all the right places. He stared hungrily at the curve of her hips, her breasts, and her especially round buttocks, pressing so tightly against her tight skirt as she sat and typed. He chewed slowly on the end of his Visconti pen as he stared at her – dropping the pen abruptly as she looked up from her computer and caught him staring. He felt a blush reddening his cheeks – an unusual feeling for an alpha like Brenton, as he rarely felt embarrassed.

What was that in her eye? A sparkle? A flirtatious gleam?

Then it was gone.

“I've just finished writing up an email to the Chinese SolarTwo representative. Would you like to have a look at it before I send it across to SolarTwo?”

Brenton smiled and leaned back in his chair.

“Sure, let me have a gander at that.”

Jade stood up and walked across the onyx floor of his office to Brenton's desk, carrying her laptop. As she leaned over to put the laptop on his desk, he caught a glimpse of her cleavage down her skirt, and at the sight of those firm, round breasts, only barely constrained by her brassiere, his heart started racing. He looked up quickly, not wanting her to notice that he'd been sneaking a peek.

He put his reading glasses back on and pushed them up onto his nose as he began to read.

The words seemed to be passing before his eyes as a blur; now that Jade was this close to him, all that he could focus on was her scent, her exquisite smell, and the volcanic heat that seemed to be radiating from her skin and firing up his blood.

“Is it okay?” she asked.

“Perfect,” he replied.

Perfect, just like you...

“Excellent. I'll send this off then.”

Don't you notice how I've been looking at you? Can't you see how badly I'm attracted to you? Can't you sense the raw, animal attraction between us?

Jade clicked 'send', and then stood up to go back to her chair. Brenton couldn't help but stare, biting his lip as he did, at the curve of her hip and the roundness of her buttocks as she walked. Her curvaceous thighs and calves, accentuated perfectly by her red high heels, glowed with a gentle gleam upon her coffee-colored skin under Brenton's subtle and tasteful lighting in this office of his.

“What else needs to be done for the SolarTwo project?” he asked as Jade sat down on the Italian black leather chair.

“Nothing for the moment,” she replied. “We'll need to wait on SolarTwo's response before doing anything else. We could, I guess, start compiling a chart of projected sales figures and profit margins, adjusted for-”

“Hold that thought,” said Brenton, interrupting her with a single raised finger. “We've been working on this project all afternoon and all evening. Don't you think it's time that we get a bite to eat? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty famished.”

Jade closed her laptop and beamed a smile at Brenton with her brilliantly-white teeth.

“That sounds like a great idea,” she replied. “I was so focused on this work I forgot entirely about dinner. I don't know this area well, though,” she said. “I'm not sure what the options around here are like.”

The truth was, the restaurants in this area of New York City were all far too upscale for what Jade could generally afford. Only the elite of the city – people like Brenton Huxley – were able to afford the prices charged by the chic designer restaurants that abounded in this part of town. She, however, didn't want to admit this Brenton, and neither did she wish to give him even more leverage over her by accepting an offer to take her out to one of these outrageously expensive places and spending a whole lot of money on her – even if he was a billionaire.