Never Kiss a Wolf(23)

By: Eliza Gayle

"Are you trying to kill me, babe? You know I can resist those nipples." He bent her back over his arm to support her and shoved her t-shirt up and bared her breasts.

She didn't get a word out before he had one nipple sucked into his mouth, sending a jolt of pleasure zipping through her body.

Instead she moaned and grabbed his head to hold him in place for more. He responded by biting down on her nipple and bringing her urgently to the edge of pain that drove her wild.

While holding her there, he took his free hand and worked the button and zipper of her pants free. Without the hindrance of underwear, his request, he delved into her heat and thrust inside her.

Lily bit down on her lips to keep from screaming out. They were mostly hidden from view, but that didn't mean someone wouldn't come looking if she made a lot of noise.

This wasn't the first time they'd played this game and she hoped to God it would not be the last.

As if he sensed her mind wandering, Greer pressed his thumb over her clit, working it until she gasped.

"You are so damned juicy, babe. I can't wait to be inside you."

Her stomach jolted at the hunger in his words and his dirty talk drove her absolutely wild.

"Do it now," she urged, desperate to feel him thick inside her.

"Not yet. We're only a mile from my cabin where I plan to spread you out and make you scream for a week."

Lily whimpered. The more he said the closer she got. She grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into the leather of his jacket. "Please don't stop," she gasped.

Her licked again at her nipples. "I love it when you get greedy."

Her mind reeled into space as she hung there waiting...

"I love you, Lily Hale," he said on a growl, biting down once again.

"I love you too," she choked out as her body clenched around him before shattering into a million points of bright light, followed by an ear splitting roar.

So much for staying quiet.

* * *

Greer watched Lily sashay out of the gas station store a coca cola tipped between her lips. He literally had no control when it came to his need for her amazing body and watching her drink that soda only made it worse.

"We're really only a mile away from your cabin?" she asked.

"Yep. It's nestled at the top of that mountain with a breathtaking view of the valley down below."

She glanced behind him and he stared at the trickle of sweat sliding down her neck and across his mark. At the same time he pushed at his crotch.

Fuck he was horny.

"I can't believe I lived my whole life in the wilderness and that’s where I'm going to end up again."

Greer chuckled. "Don't worry, babe. I promise you this will be nothing like Alaska. I enjoy my modern luxuries as much as the next guy. You wont have to hunt or fish for your food unless you want to and ten minutes in my party sized hot tub and you'll be in heaven."

She turned back to him, her pink tongue licking the sweet soda from her lips. "I'm ready, Greer."

He looked down at the tight nipples straining against her neon orange shirt. "I know you are. So get your cute butt back on this bike and I'll have you under me inside of ten minutes."

She grinned and threw her empty coke bottle in a nearby recycling bin. He watched her walk across the small parking lot, unable to take his eyes off of her. Of course the neon green pants she wore drew his attention much like a red flag did a bull. By the time she climbed behind him and got settled, his erection had gone rock hard. They put on their helmets and he reached for his sunglasses.

"Hey, babe," he called. "Are bears colorblind?"

"What—No. Why would you ask that?"

"Just wondered if you saw the same colors I do. Neon green and orange are pretty bold choices."

She giggled behind him. "Are you making fun of my clothes Derek Joseph Greer?"

He slid on his shades and smiled at her in the mirror. "No Ma'am not at all. Just curious is all."

She wrapped her arms around his waist and stared back at him in the rearview. "I lived my whole life in a world of black, white and grey. I made a promise if I ever got free I would always live and embrace a world filled with color. Thanks to you, I get to do that."


What could he say to that? She amazed him each and every day and if dressing like that meant she got to live in her color filled world, then he'd buy her clothes in every damn shade of the rainbow.

He settled on the seat and flipped the engine on, giving his woman one last look. Ten minutes. That's all he had to wait.

He hoped she was ready...


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