Mountain Man's Accidental Baby Daughter(9)

By: Lia Lee and Ella Brooke


“Because you stepped out of your comfort zone so much. You even surprised me.”

“Didn’t you think I could do it?” I asked. I was shocked that Jamie hadn’t believed in me.

“I didn’t think you would want to,” she said carefully. “There’s nothing wrong with being who you are only because someone else doesn’t like it. Randy was an asshole for what he said to you. But you’re coping with the breakup, which is great.”

Jamie wasn’t making sense. Sometimes, I didn’t understand the way she tried to make me feel better. But I thought about the Viking – Laird – how fantastic last night had been and ignored my friend’s weird way of supporting me.

I had come on the trip to prove a point, and I had proven it. I could go home knowing that it had been mission accomplished.

Chapter 6


Sunday was my day off, but I was on call in case something went wrong. Jackson and I were the only two tour guides with ATVs, so it was up to us to head out and find the people who were injured or needed help when they were stuck.

I spent the time lounging in my cabin. Fiona was on my mind, the woman who had waltzed into my life and given me a night to remember. And just like that, she had waltzed out of it again. I’d had one-night stands before, but it had been different with Fiona. Intense, luscious, amazing. And even though she hadn’t been anything more than a quick fuck – two quick fucks, in fact – I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t know what it was.

The thoughts of her were all raunchy, naked bodies colliding and orgasms I could still feel at my core, so I didn’t mind at all that she was on my mind.

My walkie-talkie went off and I grabbed it.

“We have a hiker down, over,” Jackson said.

“Can you give me a location? Over.”

Jackson gave me a rough idea where it was.

“I’m on it, over,” I said and hooked the walkie-talkie onto my belt. These damn clients didn’t know what they were doing half the time. Lately, we’d been getting about as many injuries as clients, and I was getting tired of having to pick them out of ditches or untangle them from roots. Fiona had been the smallest injury I’d had in months.

What if it was Fiona again? I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. But I knew it wouldn’t be her. It couldn’t be. The coincidence would be too great.

I climbed onto the four-wheeler and started the engine. I headed in the direction Jackson had explained to me. I followed the trail I knew Charlie took with the clients and looked for signs. But where Fiona had had a friend wait with her, no one hung around the area Jackson had explained to me. I switched off the four-wheeler and walked the trail, looking for any sign of struggle. I found tracks a short distance up the trail and discovered my invalid in a ditch.

“Hello?” I called, making my way down. It was a man wearing a bright green jacket, and it was only thanks to that jacket I had seen him at all.

“I’m down here,” he called. I was grateful the guy was conscious. If he were out cold, it would have made things infinitely harder.

“I’m on my way,” I said, picking out the safest way down. The ground was loose and twice when I put my foot down, it gave way and rained down on the invalid. I could see why he had ended up down there.

When I reached him, I knew right away his leg was broken. It sat at an angle no one’s leg would naturally be, and his face was twisted in a horrible mask of pain.

“We’re going to get out of this together,” I said, already taking my walkie-talkie out. I radioed for an ambulance before I helped him up. We made it out of the ditch and onto the four-wheeler without a hitch. I was lucky the guy wasn’t the type to panic. It got harder when they were losing their shit. When I was sure he was secure, I started the four-wheeler and we headed back down the mountain toward the lodge. It wasn’t a long trip – he hadn’t made it far up the mountain before he’d fallen.

The ambulance waited for us when we arrived, and the paramedics took over, stabilizing the leg and taking care of him. I shook his hand. Instead of heading back to the cabin, I decided to pop into the bar at the lodge instead. I could do with a drink after the last two days I’d had, and considering that Fiona stayed at the lodge, I wouldn’t hate bumping into her.

Which was a ridiculous thing to be thinking about. She wasn’t anyone special. She was a girl I had fucked. I had a few of those on my list, and I hadn’t given a shit about the others.

The bar wasn’t very full with it being a Sunday, and I walked to the bar and sat down. Hilda – a cute blonde with blue eyes and lips that were permanently pouted – shimmied to me with a smile.